June 16, 2024

World Animal Protection Adopts 15 Resolutions to Tackle Climate Change, Biodiversity Loss and Pollution.

By The COAST Correspondent

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From the assembly, the WAP welcomed two resolutions. The first, is UNEP/EA.6/L.11 resolution which focuses on promoting sustainable lifestyles.

This resolution underscores the role of private sector and industry, local authorities, local communities, and Indigenous people in supporting more sustainable lifestyles.

It further recognizes that adequate individual education and skills can further accelerate collective efforts for sustainable consumption and production and promote more sustainable lifestyles. 

The second, is UNEP/EA.6/L.16 resolution, which focuses on effective and inclusive solutions for strengthening water policies.

This resolution emphasises the integration of the One Health approach into intergovernmental processes and development strategies at all levels, highlighting the interdependence of human, animal, and environmental health.

Tennyson Williams, director for Africa at WAP said: “These two resolutions touches on one of our strategic focus area – The Food Systems Campaign. The resolutions draw our attention to how we grow, trade, and consume our food and the need to re-evaluate the whole process especially on industrial livestock production systems to feed the world.”

The resolutions should awaken nations to create and implement policies that promote safe food production for sustainable lifestyles.

Consumers on their end, should be on high alert to demand for food from higher welfare farms that practice good life stands safe for animals, humans, and the environment.

Despite the progress made, WAP strongly feels that the explicit role of animal welfare in tackling climate crisis dropped in UNEA – 6 compared to the previous one and if not checked, it may waterdown previous milestones achieved.

WAP urges UNEA to reconsider the space of animal welfare in future sessions and calls on the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) to expedite the implementation of resolution UNEP/EA.5/Res.1 adopted two years ago on the nexus between animal welfare and climate change.

This is vital considering animals’ crucial role in the global ecosystem and their contributions to addressing the triple planetary crisis.

WAP is open to work with governments, producers, and communities to realize the adopted resolutions in all the United Nations Environmental Assemblies.

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