May 28, 2022

Fear Grips Residents as More COVID-19 Cases Reported

A man in personal protective equipment. Image: (Courtesy)



Residents in Kwale County are living in fear of contacting the corona virus from both Tanzania a neighboring country and Mombasa County.

According to sources who spoke on condition of anonymity, some of the county workers ferrying essential services flout government directive of cessation of movement.

The source adds that those workers are allowed to move in and out of the county.

“Mombasa is leading all other counties who have tested positive of the corona virus. We are worried of the continued commuting of Kwale county officials to and from this county.” The source noted with concern.

A county staff (name withheld) claimed that since the confirmation of the first case of virus in the county the area administration has not demonstrated any willingness to combat the spread of the pandemic.

The staff who was accompanied by other county officials alleged that a woman who passed on the previous night at Kwale hospital had COVID-19 symptoms.
“She was not attended to but kept in the hospital store where she died later. She came from Mombasa County accompanied by five relatives who are now in forced quarantine in Kwale Kenya Medical Training Centre (KMTC).” said the source.

Kwale Governor Salim Mvurya. Image : (Courtesy)

The source however revealed that samples of blood from the five people were taken to the laboratory.

He (source) further called on the police department to beef up security in all the informal routes leading in and out of the county.

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