December 5, 2022

Government Official Accused of Facilitating Illegal Business in Kwale

A section of Kwale residents at a past function. Image: 9Courtesy)



Vanga residents in Kwale County are calling upon security apparatus in the region to launch investigation against illegal trades. 
According to the residents Vanga area that borders neighbouring country Tanzania is used by cartels engaged in human and drugs trafficking. 
A source who spoke on condition of anonymity claimed that aliens from Somalia seeking refuge in a neighbouring country are in hideouts in a building owned by a public figure.

He alleges that the government is fully aware of the illegal business but no action has been taken so far.

“These people are ferried to this area by boda boda operators using Samburu-Kinango-Lungalunga road and finally in Vanga where they meet the cartels before boarding boats and proceed with their journey to Tanzania unlawfully,”claimed the source.
According to him the matter has caused insecurity in the area.
Apart from human trafficking trade, drugs are also imported into our country through the same route from Tanzania. 
“Every week, 3 boats from Tanzania off load unknown luggages and pick some from Kenya at the border point in Vanga and we suspect an illegal deal,” noted he.
Kwale County police Commander Joseph Nthenge confirmed receiving the reports

Kwale Police Commander Joseph Nthenge. Image: (Courtesy)

He says together with the directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) have launched investigations.
Nthenge urged residents report any suspicious incidence to the relevant authorities. He further warned boda boda operators involved in the illegal deals adding that they will eventually face the wrath of the law. 
“Boda boda operators be on the lookout, because anyone found transporting the aliens will be brought to book,” sounded the police boss.

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