September 26, 2023

Embrace Agribusiness to Avert Famine, Achani Tells Locals

Kwale Deputy Governor Fatuma Achani at a past fumction. Image: (Courtesy)



The county government of Kwale has called on farmers to embrace agribusiness as a way of averting famine within the county.

Kwale Deputy Governor Fatuma Achani said should locals concentrate on the agribusiness about 71 per cent of residents living below the poverty line in the county would be catered for every year.

She was addressing the media in Kwale on Thursday.

The county deputy chief says there is need for the locals to invest in agriculture adding that the county government is at the fore front in provision of farm inputs to farmers.

“The county government has invested in this sector by distributing 100 tonnes of free seeds to more than 15,000 farmers across the region. This is to enhance food security,” said the DG. 

A tractor ploughing a parcel of land in Kwale County. The county government of Kwale has purchased tractors to assist farmers plough their farms. Image: (Courtesy)

Achani further revealed that the county has put in place measures to cushion peasant farmers with free cultivating services.

She insists that the agricultural department has partnered with the water department and drilled bore holes in all the villages to address the water security challenge.

“The challenge of unemployment can be a forgotten story if we invest in agribusiness. It is only through agribusiness that we can change our lives as well as boost the economy,” she narrated.

Some of the food crops grown in Kwale County include maize, cassava, sweet potatoes and green grams while the cash crops grown include cashwenuts, bixa and mangoes.

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