September 27, 2021

Law Applies Equally to All Regardless of Status, DPP Hajj

DPP Noordin Hajj addressing justice actors at Sarova Whitesands Hotel in Mombasa on Wednesday. Image; Peter Kombe

By The Coast Newspaper Team

The Office of the Director of Public Prosecution wants Kenyans to adhere to the law insisting that it applies equally regardless of ones’ status in society.

Addressing justice actors in a Mombasa hotel on Wednesday, The DPP, Noordin Hajj said his office will not let any Kenyan conflicting with the law to walk scot free.

Hajj further reiterated the office’s commitment in upholding the rule of law.

He notes that the office is mandated to uphold and respect human rights as enshrined in the Kenyan constitution.

The DPP pointed out “There is need for Kenyans to either individually or collectively uphold integrity while executing justice for the benefit of the contemporary society,”

He was the chief guest during a Criminal Justice and Accountability Conference that brought together different government agencies and other justice actors including the civil society.

“There is need to strengthen all government agencies so that Kenyans can access justice” he noted.

Hajj urged the public to report any cases of injustices by    giving evidence at the courts and other government agencies in order to facilitate justice delivery.

“The government has adopted a multi-agency approach as a way of combating corruption. You all know that graft is an impediment in delivering justice” he said.

Mombasa High Court Judge Erick Ogola addressing the delegates on Wednesday. According to the judge most parcels of land in the Coast region lack titles. Image; Peter Kombe

Meanwhile, Mombasa High Court Judge Erick Ogola says drugs, killings of the elderly, terrorism and port related cases are rampant in the Coast region.

He reiterated the judiciary’s commitment in ensuring that Kenyans access justice at the courts.

“I want to say that it is in the Coast region that most of the land have no titles. These cases are so common here” he said.

Meanwhile, Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission lawyer Francis Makori says the war on corruption can only be won if Kenyans are determined to combat it.

According to him, one of the challenges facing the coast region is land related conflicts.

“The war on graft is winnable. We are working closely with human rights actors like Haki Africa to ensure that Kenyans access justice,” he said.

The theme of the one day conference is enhancing access to justice by Strengthening Criminal Justice Actors Capacity and Collaboration.

Among the key issues raised during the forum include; corruption, drugs and substance abuse, killings among the elderly (problem rampant in Kilifi County) juvenile gangs among others.

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