February 23, 2024

COVID-19: Locals Cite Unfairness in Kazi Mtaani Recruitment Program

Youth working under the Kazi Mtaani national program. Image: PETER KOMBE

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A section of Mombasa county residents have raised concern over the recruitment procedure in the ongoing Kazi Mtaani government program.
The locals argue that there is unfairness in the entire recruitment process.
Salim Mbaruk from Kisauni Sub County says he submitted his name to the area chief during the first and second phase but all his efforts have borne no fruit.
According to Mbaruk local administrators employ their kinsmen in the government oriented program.
He notes that there is a need for the government to intervene in a bid to address such inequalities.
Mohamed Amin who hails from Junda ward in Kisauni Sub County wants the government to fast track the recruitment procedures.
Amin claims that the whole process is engulfed with illegalities.
He cites unfairness and nepotism in the whole program.
On his part, Solomon Khaemba from Mtopanga ward in Kisauni Sub County says it is high time the government conduct a national survey on the progress of the program.
Khaemba urged those concerned to weed out corrupt public servants.
According to him, some of the local administrators are taking advantage of the program.
Said Khaemba “Come out of your comfort zone. Youths at the ground level do not benefit from your program, only selected few,”
He states that any government program is meant to benefit the entire population and not only a few.
On the other hand, Sharon Otieno from Bombolulu in Nyali Sub County claimed that some of the administrators vested with the mandate of recruiting youths have turned the program into a money minting process.
“We expect chiefs and assistant chiefs to be at the forefront in combating any negative vice. The government should look into this,” Otieno noted.
Meanwhile, Dream Achievers Youth Organization Executive Director Seif Jira asked youths to enroll in massive numbers in the national program.

Dream Achievers Youth Organisation Executive Director Seif Jira. Image: PETER KOMBE

Jira at the same appealed to the youths to adhere to all set out guidelines in a bid to combat the spread of coronavirus.
“We all have to take cognizance of the fact that COVID is here with us. But what we can do is to follow all health guidelines as advised by the government,” he advised.
According to the director COVID 19 has affected all cadres of people including private school teachers who he admits have also been enrolled in the program.
At the same time, the lobbyist asked the government to open key public utilities so that Kenyans can access government services.
He cites the immigration, the National Social Security fund (NSSF) and Registration of persons departments.
Said the lobbyist “COVID 19 has negatively impacted service delivery to Kenyans. There are some of the services that have not been opened yet,.”
On Friday Rachel Shebesh Chief Administrative Secretary in charge of the Ministry of Public Service and Gender urged youths to stop unnecessary complaints instead visit their local administrators for recruitment.
The CAS said the government had entrusted the entire recruitment process to local administrators.

Ministry of Public Service Chief Administrative Secretary Rechel Shebesh . Image: (Courtesy)

According to the CAS the program is meant to cushion youths at a time the country is combating the spread of the coronavirus.

“The program was initially rolled out as a pilot project in some counties but has now been rolled out in various counties,” she said.

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