June 15, 2024

KPA Builds a Multipurpose Hall for Mazeras Girls School

Kenya Ports Authority Chairman Benjamin tayari handing over the key to the dinning hall Chief Principal Faith Waithaka (Photo By Mwakwaya Raymond)

By Mwakwaya Raymond

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Through its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Kenya Ports Authority has put up a mulitpurpose hall for Mazeras Girls Memorial School at a cost of Ksh39 million.

The 1,000-seater hall was handed over to the school on Monday, February 25, 2024 that resolves the school’sl challenges twofold: space for gathering and for dinning purposes.

The magnificent echo-free hall has drastically elevated the school’s status to hold especially indoor extra-curricular activities across the Kwale County.

The facility is one of its kind and the most expensive project KPA has ever undertaken under its CSR program.

Speaking during the handing over ceremony, KPA chairman Benjamin Tayari says the multipurpose project was done under two financial years.

The chairman is optimistic the project will impart positively towards the development growth and academic performance of the school in the coming years when put into good use. The hall can also be hired to local community’s events so as to generate income.

“The mult purpose is more than just a structure it is a symbol of our dedication to education empowerment and community Development. It is a space where students can gather for various activities, where teachers can conduct workshops, and where the community can come together for events and celebration.”

According to him since 2000 the authority has been giving back to the community under the CSR program saying Mazeras Girls’ Secondary School had made its request five years ago before benefiting.

“Five years ago the school made a humble request to the authority for a multipurpose hall we sent our team to conduct a need analysis and produced a report demonstrating that the school truly required the structure. Today am proud to say that we have not only fulfilled that request but have also exceeded expectations by completing the project within a period of two financial years.”

The authority has been in the forefront of returning favours to the local people’s socioeconomic growth through developing projects aimed at alleviating its neighbouring communities’ requirements.

Since the CSR program was initiated 24 years, different learning institutions from primary, secondary to tertiary colleges have benefited from it.

Receiving the keys for the multipurpose hall, the school chief principal Faith Waithaka expressed thanks to KPA saying it would spur learning as well as academic development.

The project, according to her, was initiated by her predecessor Mrs Misigo before she was transferred to a neighbouring school St John’s Secondary.

The teacher-parents association (PTA) that gathered to witness the handing over expressed gratitude for the facility that had changed the panorama of the school’s physical infrastructure.

“We’re glad for this gesture KPA has done to us at least we’re sure we shall have a decent place to conduct our wedding ceremonies,” said one of the parents attending the ceremony.

Some of the beneficiaries of KPA projects are Abdalla Ngozi, Samburu, Golini and Ziwani Secondary Schools through the CSR programme.

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