October 22, 2021

Brace Yourself for Impeachment, MCAs tell Deputy Governor

Kilifi Deputy Governor Gideon Saburi at a past function. Image; (Courtesy)


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Divisions have emerged among Kilifi members of County Assembly (MCAs) after some of them vowed to impeach the deputy governor Gideon Saburi for failing to self-quarantine thus spreading the deadly COVID19 virus on arrival from Germany.

County Assembly deputy speaker Stanley Kenga is the first to throw the impeachment salvo saying the DG could not be left to go Scot free after what he did to the Kilifi people.

Asked whether he would support the impeachment motion, Mr Kenga says if the issue is brought on the floor of the House he will do so for all those innocent victims of his ‘errands’.

County Assembly deputy speaker Stanley Kenga wants the law to take its course. He says the DG cannot be left to walk Scot free taking into consideration of the impacts of his actions. Image

“First let us deal with the containment of the coronavirus but once we are done the law will definitely take its course because we cannot allow such madness of a selfish individual to go unpunished,” he adds on a phone interview.

His Sabaki Ward counterpart Edward Delle Kazungu says impeachment of the DG is necessary and paramount accusing him of failing the integrity test.

“The DG has not only failed us but also the people, the County and the Nation at large for not adhering to the government directive on self-quarantine. He was reckless and we cannot trust him to continue staying in his office. We shall impeach him the soonest,” he adds.


According to him that will be their first business assignment when the House resumes sittings, to remove the disgraceful DG who lacks a ‘human heart’.

“We shall move with speed to remove him from office even before he’s charged in court,” the angry MCA said.

Other Ward leaders who have shown support for the impeachment of the DG are Renson Kambi (Marafa Ward), alongside others who pleaded for anonymity due to reasons best known to themselves.

In his phone interview response, Mr Kambi was categorical that the DG must pay the price for his ‘uncouth behaviour’ that has endangered many innocent people.

“How many times have people been advised not to engage in unsafe sex but they still go ahead and do the contrary ending up contracting HIV/Aids?” he poses.

Acknowledging that impeaching the DG is not going to be an easy task, his Garashi colleague Mr Peter Ziro, however, says it will depend on the Governor who picked him as his running mate.

For the MCAs to succeed in removing Mr Saburi, the MCA says the Governor must play ball and give the indication he is ready to change ‘house’ in the executive structure.

Because of these logistics, Mr Ziro cautions his colleagues to go slow saying he would not support such a move due to its obvious chance of breeding bad blood among the county leadership.

“There so many interests that might arise up once the motion is tabled in the House and believe you me we might be fighting a losing battle believe me,” he adds.

Ms Barke Ali Mohammed former nominated MCA expresses the same sentiments urging the MCAs to forgive the DG saying ‘man is to error and error is to everyone’.

She wants the DG to be left to recuperate from his confinement after which the County leadership can then demand for apology from him.


However, there is a growing public outcry tide that wants Mr Saburi to resign from his position for the way he handled the COVID 19 issue.

The social media platforms are awash with demands that the DG should be thrown out with WhatsApp groups threatening a sit-in to pressure for his departure.

“We have no confidence with him and if he does not resign we shall stage a sit in demo at the county assembly and paralyse all activities,” posted Chipa via WhatsApp group.

Meanwhile, Mwawesa Ward MCA Carolina Kalume reacted angrily to calls from a section of the public for her not to support the impeachment motion.

“This is not about me but about the public and the office which turns to be a public one. I will go by the majority as agreed by the county assembly members,” she says. 

Retired Anglican Church of Kenya Bishop Julius Katoi Kalu has called on the DG to turn to God and listen to his word.

Retired Anglican Church of Kenya Bishop Julius Katoi Kalu wants the DG to turn to God and listen to his word. Image; (Courtesy)

“If the DG is not a believer, he can seek guidance from the Kaya Elders but if he is a Christian, then he should come for repentance prayers,” he says.

Contacted for comment, the clerk of the County Assembly CPA Michael Ngala confirmed the house was still on recess due to the government directive to undertake self-quarantine.

He also said he has not received any notice of any motion in regard to the impeachment of the DG.

Mr Saburi, who is in a forced quarantine, is set to face charges for defying coronavirus self-quarantine guidelines for all passengers arriving from foreign countries.

According to the health cabinet secretary Mutahi Kagwe the DG was urged to self-isolate after his recent trip overseas but declined forcing authorities to impose mandatory isolation at his own cost.

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