May 28, 2023

COVID-19: Paralegals Want Government Assistance in Job Placing

Some of the paralegals receiving certificates from Kituo Cha Sheria staff. Image: (Courtesy)

By The COAST Reporter

Paralegals in Mombasa County have asked the government to chip in and assist them seize job opportunities in their area of specialization.
The paralegals, who have at one time served jail sentences, admit that life has been unbearable since they came out of prison.
According to them the knowledge gained will be of maximum benefit should the government and well-wishers come to their rescue.
Addressing journalists in Mombasa Thursday, Dismus Oloo who served a death sentence and was released in 2010 says paralegals are key in enhancing the delivery of justice.
Oloo states that the knowledge gained has enabled him to survive despite the challenges he has undergone over the years.
“I was released in 2010. I have done paralegal training and have even written submissions and still do the same for my living.” He revealed.
Meanwhile, Ali Mwero who served a 20 years jail term narrates the challenges he has been subjected to throughout his jail term.
Mwero says even after undergoing a series of paralegal training he admits that life has not been promising.
“I have been trained as a paralegal by Kituo Cha sheria. I thank them for this initiative, however I have not been employed anywhere and as I speak I am  just ding nothing at home,” he said.
He wants the government to come assist them seize employment opportunities.

On her part, Brenda Dosio, Kenya National Commission on Human Rights KNCHR Coast coordinator noted that most inmates are unaware of legal representation at the corridors of justice.

Paralegals going through a training session. Image: (Courtesy)

Dosio reiterated that KNCHR is committed in ensuring the delivery of justice to Kenyans.
“Kenya Prisons Service has been doing well. It has ensured that inmates stay safe from contacting COVID19 by adhering to all government guidelines.” She said 
At the same time, the coordinator aid the donations will go a long way in assisting the inmates at the correctional facility.
On her part, Annete Mbogo from Kituo Cha Sheria says the one year project seeks to train inmates so that they can understand their rights.
Mbogo says through the project a total of 60 inmates have been trained on ways of accessing justice at the courts.
“Kituo Cha Sheria has been able to carry out paralegal training sessions. The one year project seeks to ensure that inmates are able to address their concern at the courts,” she observed.
Mbogo also appealed to the Attorney General to speed up the review of the accreditation guidelines for paralegals.
According to her paralegals play a fundamental role as far as the delivery of justice is concerned.
Mombasa Law court chief magistrate Edna Nyaloti said the judiciary has put in place measures to ensure court cases are heard online to avoid the spread of COVID19.
This Nyaloti says is aimed at upholding the rights of prisoners.
“There are plans in place to ensure that cases are heard thorough online. We have also received appeals from prisoners who have are serving life time imprisonment,” the judge said.

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