July 25, 2024

Coast Legislators want DP Gachagua to Resign

Former Mombasa Governor Ali Joho flanked by a section of Coast Legislators addressing the Media where they called for the n of Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua (Photo By Mwakwaya Raymond)

By The COAST Team

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Coast leaders have condemned DP Rigathi Gachagua over his accusations against the National Intelligence Services (NIS) director general Noordin Haji.

In an unprecedented spate on Wednesday, June 26, 2024, Gachagua took a swipe at Haji for the mayhem that visited the whole country on the previous day that witnessed the occupation of Parliament by GenZee protesters.

Flanked by former Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho on June 28, 2024, the leaders said the DP’s sentiments were giving the presidency and the Kenya Kwanza government a bad name locally and internationally.

“I would therefore wish to see him lead by example by being the first to take responsibility and resign instead of asking for other peoples’ resignations,” said Joho.

According to him the country is not tribal per se as depicted by the Gen Z who have shown Kenyans there is no room for tribal leaders as being fronted by the DP.

“They protested in unity and did not factor where they come from, so we ask the DP to stop dealing with issues on the tribal card.”

Kilifi senator Stewart Madzayo accused the second-in-command of waging tribal wars against other communities saying the coastal leadership would defend Haji from any attacks.

“If the DP is used to playing tribal politics, he should not drag the name of small communities in his tribal politics,” he said adding that matters of security were sensitive and should not be handled in a casual manner.

The leaders asked the KKA administration to listen to the voices of the people and respect the constitutional rights of Kenyans to protest against the finance bill 2024 without unnecessary harassment and intimidation from security agencies.

In attendance were the MPs of EALA Hassan Omar Hassan and Suleiman Shahbal among others who expressed their dissatisfaction with the way the country was dipping socially, politically and economically.

Visibly in an apprehension and anger, the DP blamed squarely the NIS boss over the chaotic protests that hit the country in a frenzy never witnessed before in Kenya’s independence.

“We have a dysfunctional National Intelligence Service that has exposed the President, the government and the people of Kenya.”

Speaking in Mombasa barely after his boss addressed a press conference in Nairobi asked Haji to resign for what happened on Tuesday saying President William Ruto would not have found himself in a catch-22 situation if he had advised him accordingly.

“And I sympathise with my boss President William Ruto because this information was not available to him,” he said.

According to him had NIS briefed the President two months ago about how the people felt about the Finance Bill 2024 so many Kenyans would not have died nor property destroyed and offices burnt down.

“There would have been no mayhem, but they slept on the job.”

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