December 1, 2023

6 Billion Housing Units Set to Take off

Mombasa businessman Suleiman Shahbal. Image: (Courtesy)

By The COAST Reporter

A section of Mombasa county residents wants to be given first priority in the allocation of the intended upgrading housing units in Buxton estate.
Lauding the initiative, they said some of them have been tenants in the estate for over 20 years.
During a public participation exercise held at Tononoka on Thursday, Mombasa businessman Suleiman Shahbal said the 6 billion projects will not only create job opportunities to thousands of youths but also attract investors.
Shabal notes that the project will forge a new look of Buxton estate and scale up the economy of Mombasa county residents.
The businessman hence revealed that all Buxton residents will be involved in the overall exercise adding that all the 545 tenants will receive 240 000 relocation allowance.
He says the state-of-the-art modern buildings will house all facilities including a social centre, water among other essentials.
Meanwhile, Muslims for Human Rights chairperson Khelef Khalifa said the public participation exercise organized by the County Government will clear all doubts amongst the tenants.

Muslims for Human Rights Chairperson Khelef Khalifa. Image: (Courtesy)

“This is the true picture of a public participation exercise. We are here to take every detail in this exercise,” he noted.
Khelef added that the government should have done the same on Standard Guage Railway SGR before implication. 

“These events should be cascaded to the sub county levels. It should be fair and balanced,” he insisted.
Some of the residents who attended the forum want the county government to speed up the process by compensating the tenants according to the agreement.
“A relocation allowance of sh240, 000 with a down payment of sh60000 is a good deal. But this is only when the county seals that deal,” one of the residents said. 

Sometime back the project failed to take off following misunderstanding between the tenants and the county government of Mombasa.

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