December 8, 2022

Residents want Governor to Solve Water Crisis

Mokowe Resident Amina Mkilifi addressing a public baraza in Mokowe township area over the persistent water crisis (Photo /By The COAST Photographer)

By The COAST Reporter


Mokowe residents have urged the county government to establish measure that would mitigate the area’s perennial water crisis.

Speaking during a public baraza for the county integrated development plan (CIDP III) within Mokowe and Hindio townships, residents voiced their concerns over the lack of a sustainable water supply despite the previous administration allocating more than Kshs 164 million towards improving the basic commodity’s supply in the county.

“Mokowe is not able to grow despite the immense potential, because no one is ready to build houses nor businesses in a township that has poor water supply,” Mohammed Mohdar a Mokowe resident stated.

The Residents want the county government through the Lamu Water and Sewarage Company (LAWASCO) to collaborate with the national government to ensure water is supplied within the townships.

“Mokowe and Hindi townships are in dare need of better amenities besides water supply, medical services at Mokowe sub county district hospital needs to be upgraded and supplied with medicine,” she added.

“The reason as to why land prices have stagnated and why there continues to be very little private development in the town is because access to clean water is a still a big challenge,” a hotelier and real estate agent said.

MUHURI Lamu county coordinator Mohammed Skanda said that the county government needs to allocate resources towards alleviating the plight, particularly the marginalized and Persons Living with Disabilities.

“Access to better public services such as water, education and health should not be the preserve of a few within the county but the county government should ensure that Lamu residents have access to basic amenities,” he stated.

Mohammed further said that his organization was working with the county government to collate the views of Lamu residents in a bid to improve access to public services.

Mkowe Resident airing his views at a public Baraza (Photo/ By The COAST Photographer)

Mokowe residents led by Mohammed Omar, a former teacher in his remarks also called on the county government to consider addressing the poor land management policy within the county, which he added was affecting subdivision, sale and even development of the townships.

“The squatter problem is another issue that needs to be addressed by the county government, if the area is to develop,” Yunus Isakhia, an advocacy activist based in Mokowe said.

He said that the county government in conjunction with the national government should address the subdivision of various land schemes within the county in a bid to stamp out land invasions as well as land grabbing by a section of well-connected land barons.

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