June 16, 2024

Foodies festival props Mombasa back from Covid-19 effects

Tourism county executive committee member Mr Job Tumbo (Photo by Mwakwaya Raymond



Mombasa residents had an opportunity to showcase their food varieties during the Foodies’ Festivals held along Mama Ngina Water Front, adjacent to the Likoni Ferry.

Addressing the media on Friday September 24, 2021, Tourism county executive committee member Mr Job Tumbo said the two-day event provided locals with a chance to showcase their food stuffs and earned some income.

The foodies’ festival run on Saturday September 25 and Sunday September 26, 2021.  He said preparation for the festival was superb and a number of visitors from various parts of the world visited the food festival.

Re-awaking tourism

Mr Tumbo who was flanked by tourism chief officer Ms Aisha Abubakar said the event is important to tourism sector which currently faced several challenges.

Ms Aisha added that tourism sector plays an important role in terms of driving economic development within the county and the country at large.

Mombasa County Tourism chief Officer Aisha Abbubakar(Photo By Mwakwaya Raymond)

Since the outbreak of the Covid 19 pandemic the sector which is an economic mainstay for Mombasa and a leading national forex earner has been adversely affected.  This after many businesses shut down following the travel ban that was witnessed across the globe, Said Aisha.

“Mombasa county being a tourist attraction depends on the flow of tourists, but since the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic tourist numbers to Mombasa dwindled,” the County tourism boss added.

Chefs’ recipes

The food festival event brought together different chefs who showed people how to make various meals thus providing the event goers with an opportunity to learn new methods of cooking.

A Team of Mombasa County officials inspecting the ground at Mama Ngina water front before the food festival kicked off(Photo/Courtesy)

By Friday several people had already pitched tents for the activities ready for the festival which commenced on Saturday September 25, 2021 at the picturesque Mama Ngina water front.

Mr Victor Shitaka, Chair of Kenya Coast Tourism association (KCTA), called on business men to take advantage of the festival and earn some income for the themselves.

Tour sites

He also encouraged visitors to create time and visit the historical tourist sites such as Fort Jesus, Old Town, Haller park, Coast beaches, Mamba village, among other places.

“Tourism players have undergone a harsh period following the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.  Businesses have since been reeling under the effects thus I urge business community to take advantage of this even and to turn up in large numbers and showcase their foodies in this the festival,” Mr Shitakha said.

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