June 16, 2024

Oguna Urges Youth to Capitalize on Government Programs

Government Spokesperson, Col (Rtd) Cyrus Oguna at Swahili Hub Mombasa (Photo 9/ By Mwakwaya Raymond)

By Mwakwaya Raymond

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The Government wants youth to take advantage of the numerous opportunities extended to them in order to improve their lives.

The Government Spokesperson, Col (Rtd) Cyrus Oguna, said the government has consistently rolled out various programmes and initiatives aimed at creating employment opportunities for them.

It is up to them to seize the opportunities and improve their lives, he said.

“Youth empowerment remains a priority area for the government because they are our country’s biggest resource,” said Oguna.

Speaking at Swahili Pot during the launching of Mombasa Entrepreneurship Resource Centre for Youth (MERCY), Oguna lamented the poor uptake of affirmative funds.

The Government Spokesperson who was accompanied by the Coast Regional Commissioner, John Elungata, challenged the youth to make good use of available opportunities created by the government to achieve economic strides.

The programs

A section of Youth at Swahili hub listening carefully to the government Spokesman (Photo By/ Mwakwaya Raymond)

Oguna cited Kazi Mtaani, Youth Enterprise Development Fund (YEDF), Ajira Digital Youth Empowerment Programme (ADYED), Presidential Digital Talent Development Youth Programme and Kenya Youth Employment and Opportunities Project (KYEOP).

“The young people must seize the many opportunities and programmes to better their lives and take ownership of their own destinies,” he added.

He also called upon the youth to refuse being misused by politicians and interrogate thoroughly those aspiring elective positions. 

“Some politicians will come out with hand outs and feign meekness as they pretend to have solutions to your problems,” warned Oguna.

Coast Regional Coordinator John Elungata (Photo By. Mwakwaya Raymond)

Addressing the forum, Elungata asked the youth in the region to be proactive and visit the offices of affirmative funds so as to learn what opportunities were available for their economic growth.

He advised the youth engaging in content creation to use their talents wisely and refuse any attempt to promote hatred and incitement messages during political campaigns. 

“Youth should use their talents for their benefits and reject those who want to use them as agents of chaos and division,” added Elungata.

The Regional Commissioner commended the Swahili Pot for creating opportunities and providing an enabling environment for the youth to promote their talents through digital platforms.

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