June 19, 2024

Show Valid Evidence on Impeachment, Mohaa Told

Sheikh Juma ngao (second left) flanked by other KEMNAC officials at a hotel in Mombasa late this week. Image: The Coast Reporter


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Kenya Muslim National Advisory Council  (KEMNAC) has issued a 48 hour ultimatum to Nyali legislator Mohammed Ali to produce valid evidence link of Mombasa Governor Ali Joho and Co-accused on the port tenders.
The council claims that the lawmaker has been using what it termed as ‘false evidence’ to blackmail the two politicians.
The council asked the MP to undertake intensive research before going to the press.
Speaking to the media in Mombasa on Thursday KEMNAC Chairperson Sheikh Juma Ngao said the tenders between the two families were won through the right tendering processes.
“Joho’s family applied for the tender through the right processd on 23/6/2OO5 and which was approved in 2006 and was announced in the Standard Newspaper,”  Ngao noted.
He asked the lawmaker to condemn local leaders after conducting intensive research.
The cleric further accused the legislator of claims of having ‘bad blood’ with a section of area leaders.
Ngao called on the lawmaker to publicly state one after the other all development projects behind his name.
He also castigated Ali on claims of linking Mvita lawmaker Abdulswammad Nassir with the port.

Ngao says the company MCTO linked to Abdulswammad belongs to the lawmakers grandfather Sharrif Taib who started doing business even before independence.

Nyali legislator Mohammed Ali. Image: (Courtesy)

“MCTO has no tender at Kenya Ports Authority. It does not belong to Abdulswammad as you claim. It has no tenders at KPA,” pointed out the religious leader.

Meanwhile KEMNAC Director of education Hafidh Muhsin urged the youth to avoid being dragged to the streets for protests by what he termed as self-seeking politicians.

Muhsin asked the lawmaker to resign from his parliamentary seat and stop using the youth saying that the Mvita law maker had already tabled the same motion before parliament.
According to KEMNAC the legislator’s impeachment motion against transport cabinet secretary flopped as it had not enough facts.

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