September 26, 2023

Mohammed Ali Put to Task On Poor Service Delivery

Kenya Muslim National Advisory Council KEMNAC Chairperson Sheikh Juma Ngao at a past function. Image: (Courtesy)

By The Coast Newspaper Team

Kenya Muslim National Advisory Council KEMNAC has issued an ultimatum of thirty days to Nyali legislator Mohammed Ali to enlist all development projects initiated under his administration
Addressing the media in Mombasa  town, Sheikh Juma Ngao  claimed that Ali has failed to deliver to his electorates adding there is not even a single development project behind  his name.
Ngao pointed out that there are myriad of issues in the said constituency that require urgent redress including drug and substance abuse and also joblessness
“Stop your habit of attacking other political leaders in the region. You have even gone an extra mile through your day in day out insults to Mombasa county governor Ali Hassan Joho.
Desist from this behaviour and start working the people who voted for you. Warned the religious leader,” he said.
Ngao termed the MP’s insults to the Governor as false condemnation noting that the Joho had done a lot for the residents of Mombasa.
“He urged the legislator should at the same time avoid hurling insults to the county boss’s late mother saying it’s against Islamic teachings.” Said the cleric.The chairman advised the legislator to work together with the Coast leadership in a bid to spearhead development projects within the region.
“Join hands with other leaders. Change your behaviours,”
Ngao also thanked the President Uhuru Kenyatta following his directive on the state of the nation during this period COVID-19 is hitting hard the country.
He however urged the President Uhuru Kenyatta to involve all national religious bodies in the taskforce that will forge a way forward in preparation for the opening of places of worship.
“As you convene a national council in preparation for the opening of religious places involve us SUPKEM and KEMNAC so that we jointly give out our views on the same,” said Ngao said.
At the same time, Hafidh Muhsin KEMNAC National Director of Education advised the first term lawmaker to accord respect not only to the local leadership but also the national leadership.
According to him, the legislators bid to source for an impeachment quorum against Transport Cabinet secretary James Macharia is deemed to fail.
“He is the same MP who says over 300 MPs are corrupt. He says only 5 MPs do not receive bribes but work as independent lawmakers,” he noted.
Muhsin notes that it is ironic for the legislator to get an impeachment quorum from members of parliament he Ali claims are looters of public funds.

Nyali MP Mohammed Ali at a past function. Image: (Courtesy)

Meanwhile, a member of the council who spoke on condition of anonymity urged the Nyali legislator to disburse bursary funds to needy and bright students fairly.
The member, a private secondary school teacher claims the lawmaker has totally sidelined both private school students and teachers.
“Disburse bursary to all students both public and private, because they are both your electorates. Also assist the government as the resources in private schools are inadequate,” the member indicated.
He asked the lawmaker to call for a dialogue forum with private school teachers in the area in a bid to find permanent solution to some of the teething challenges facing private schools.
Dr Salim Kassim, a member of the council also noted that there has been an unfairness in the loopholes in the distribution of relief food within the county.
“Involve all stakeholders in the national council that you President will convene to chat a way forward for the opening of places of worship,” he said/

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