September 26, 2023

Rotary Club of Mombasa Down Town Donates Food Hampers to Samburu Residents in Kwale County

Samburu residents receive food hampers from Rotaryclub of Mombasa Down town. Image MWAKWAYA RAYMOND



After being on a lockdown for more than two months, the people of Samburu – Kwale county are in dire need of relief food to reduce the pain of covid19 pandemic impact.

The Rotary Club of Mombasa Downtown continued with its mission of reaching out to the less privileged in the society by donating food hampers to needy families in Samburu village on Thursday.
Speaking during the handing over of the food hampers at the Samburu Social Hall the Director of Foundation of rotary club Mr. Oreu Lugogo said that it high time community organizations double their efforts in assisting the less fortunate.

Lugogo added that, his greatest fear now is that most people reduce pace as the marathon (conona) hots up and that is the time we need more energy to win the race.

“We in rotary don’t get tired because service to the community is our daily life and we shall walk together this trying moment that has affected both the rich and the poor”, Lugogo.
Last month we were on the same course in Matuga sub County still in Kwale County.

This is so deliberate because the Club is aware that Kwale County apart from the dusky to dawn curfew also suffered from a total lockdown.

Rotary Club of Mombasa Down Town display a package of the food hampers. Image: MWAKWAYA RAYMOND

This coupled with crippling of the Counties economic backbone i.e. toursim sector have rendered many of the residents jobless and no market to supply their farm produce.
Receiving the donations under the guidelines of the Ministry of Health, the residents appreciated the good gesture and wished for more to come.

Over 200 hundred families benefited from the project. The food hampers will go a long way to complement what the Kwale County Government has been doing since the outbreak of the corona disease. 

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