May 28, 2022

Mind About the Less Fortunate; Faithfuls Urged

Anglican church of Kenya Holy Trinity Majaoni Parish Reverend John Karisa Ngamba. Image; Mwakwaya Raymond



Christian Faithfuls and Kenyans at large have been called upon to stand with the less fortunate by sharing with them what they have as they mark the Easter holiday. 
Anglican church of Kenya Holy Trinity Majaoni Parish Reverend John Karisa Ngamba says the only way Kenyans can show love to one another during this Easter holiday, is through caring for the destitutes especially in this hard times of the economy.

Rev. John Karisa Ngamba and Layleader Onesmus Mwasi. Image; Mwakwaya Raymond

In his Easter message Ngamba said so many Kenyans are undergoing hardship since the outbreak of the Corona virus and it will be prudent if we share with them.
“The only way we can show love to the poor is by reaching out to them with what we have especially in this Easter season” He said.
The reverend appealed to Kenyans to adhere to the government directives so that we can overcome the deadly Covid-19.
“Though the economy is so harsh am sure once we adhere to the set directives by the government we shall soon defeat  these challenges” Ngamba added
He further said that the Corona virus should not divide Kenyans but be a chance for us to come together and help one another as we fight the vice.

Kenyans receiving relief food. Image (Courtesy)

The clergyman was addressing the media at Shanzu in Mombasa County on Sunday.

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