December 8, 2022

KENYA PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS 2022; Why OKA is the Most Attractive Suitor?

OKA Team (Photo/Courtesy)

By Prof Dr Halim Shauri


“Hayawi hayawi huwa”, the year 2022 is here with a bang and we have been lucky to see and celebrate it on the midnight stroke of the 31st December, 2021.

As we ushered the new year, many of us had wish lists or what are popularly known as new year resolutions. Some wanted to change jobs, others to marry, others to add another wife, while others wanted to seek opportunities outside the country.

However, the political class had a different headache to crack. At the national level, a major event called “Azimio La Umoja” was launched with all the dramaturgy to crown the Right Hon Prime Minister Raila as a presidential contender in the August polls.

This “Azimio” event tilted the political enjoyment of the Deputy President, who all along in the year had been leading the pack as the man to beat in 2022 presidential elections. Hon Raila was trailing badly but being the political maverick that he is, he has managed to turn the tables on the DP in broad day light at Kasarani.

Turning Tables

If information produced by Infotrack in December 2021 in the most latest poll is to go by, then tables have turned and the DP and his bottom up brigade needs to re-strategize, or they are bottomed down themselves.

The Infotrack polls places Raila Odinga at 33%, while William Ruto at 32%. While the margin is small between them, we need to be careful when interpreting the statistics because of the time context. The DP started “kutangatanga” longer for all his efforts to be overtaken in a one day event, which was choreographed very well in a drama like script and Kenya played to the gallery.

As a student of politics myself, I learn how one day is very long in politics. I also learn that politics is drama script that must be well written and scripted. The actors must rehearse very well. 

The “Azimio” script was and still is a script per excellence with the main character, Raila, moving the whole country and organizing a representative sample of the country in Kasarani bringing in new actors, his wife, to hand him over to Kenyans and Ole Kaparo, to move a motion, with Mishi Mboko seconding. What a hilarious script! It left UDA panting.

What is more interesting, however, is how Okoa Kenya Alliance (OKA) has become the most attractive and hence expensive Suitor. From a laughing stock teasing Hons Kalonzo, Wetangula and Mudavadi and their alliance with questions on what they do for a living and they answering “we threaten to become the presidents of Kenya” to now smelling billions in the political wholesale market. How, you are wondering!

OKA Dilemma

COTU Secretary General Francis Atwoli (Photo/Courtesy)

The Infotrack polls reveals that 52% of Kenyans wants OKA to support Azimio of Raila Odinga. Now you see the facts. This fact has made UDA strategists and leadership to panic.

Latest evidence is clear with several meetings happening in Western for both Raila and Ruto. From climbing Mount Kenya to a triple chase race in the flat terrain of western block looking for votes. The Chinese once prayed: May we live to see interesting times.

Finally, It’s is upon OKA to make their threat of becoming presidents so that they can eke a living real. They can enter into negotiations with UDA or Azimio for billions. In fact, social media is already speculating on offers on the table for the trio, which run into billions. 

While we cannot validate social media information sometimes, but when something has more Twits it becomes the truth unless one is able to differentiate the Truth from Twitter!

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