November 29, 2022

Buffaloes Get a New Home After Relocation Exercise

KWS officers transfer a buffaloe in Kwale County. image: KAHONZI KALIWA



Base Titanium, in partnership with Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS) has launched exercise of relocating buffaloes from Shimba Hills Game Reserve to Tsavo East National Park.

The wild animals are said to have become a security threat to residents.

The company’s community relations manager Pius Kassim said the move is geared at reducing human wildlife conflict cases. 

Kassim said atleast 9 villages affected by the wild animals will be secured once the exercise is completed. 

“The exercise started on Wednesday, so far 6 buffaloes have successfully been captured by KWS officials and relocated to Tsavo East  National park, where they will occupy a wider area ,” said Mr. Pius.

A buffalo being prepared for transfer. Image: KAHONZI KALIWA

He cites Bomani, Vumbu Fihoni, Magaoni, Masindeni, Barcelona, Miembeni and Kibwanga villages as the most affected areas.

He points that the move will assist neighbouring communities to carry on with faming in a safer environment. 

“Initially our neighbours could not farm following the increased number of buffaloes in their farms. These wild animals destroyed their produce year in year out,” noted Kassim.

The exercise that will ensure that 8 buffaloes are transferred daily is led by KWS warden in charge of Shimbahills  game reserve Mr. Edward Karanja.

KWS officials carry a bufallo to a new home. Image: KAHONZI KALIWA

Karanja admitted that a lion from  neighbouring country Tanzania had strayed into the reserve and was posing a big threat to  the locals. 

The lion is said to have preyed on a number of livestock in Matuga and Lungalunga sub-counties. 

He urged the locals to call the area should they spot the strayed lion.

 He further cautioned women going about their daily chores to be extremely vigilant.

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