September 26, 2023

Artists Stand for Ailing Colleague

Oneal Nyanje. Ailing artiste. Image: (Courtesy)


Mombasa based artists have planned a one month competition challenge in bid to raise funds for one of their ailing colleague.

Oneal Nyanje, a gospel artist at Crossroad Fellowship in Nyali tested positive for plasma cancer a month ago.

Addressing the media in Mombasa on Monday, Spin World International Dj Francis Githagui said the competition will involve two artists who will be taken through a month long gymnasium exercise.

Githagui says 80 percent of the money to be raised during the competition will help the ailing artist clear some of the medical bills incurred.

“Two artists will take part in this competition John Chacha an event organizer and MC and Gates Mgenge, a radio host at Pwani FM,”  said Githagui

He however revealed that the disease is in its early stage.

According to Githagui, Nyanje is undergoing a chemotherapy from home.

He reiterates that it is not the first time the artists are coming together.

Mombasa artistes in a Mombasa hotel on Monday. Image: PETER KOMBE

“We have been together ever since. It is not the first time we are coming together as musicians.

Meanwhile, Mombasa based secular artist Yusuf Kombo aka Susumila urged aspiring musicians to remain focused in their career.
“Music is like any other career. Music has taken me this far. Like any industry it requires passion and drive,” he said.

Susumila adds that a true musician sings people’s hearts through his well crafted words.

Yusuf Said Kombo aka Susumila. Image: PETER KOMBE

He says his collaboration with Bongo musicians has introduced him to a new market.

“I have made some collaborations with Petra, Lava Lava, Mbosso and Avril. The 37 years old musician said.
Susumila notes that his first track Siasa Duni brought him closer to political leaders despite terming them corrupt.

“It is not true that ‘Siasa Duni’ landed me in trouble with the political elites. This is because I was neutral in my singing,” he said.

He however laments over lack of an effective music policy by government.

Some of Susumila hits include Siasa Duni, Hidaya and Kidekide.

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