June 16, 2024

Joho Castigates Bottom Up Economic Model

Cabinet Secretary Joe Mucheru and Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho receved at Swahili Pot Hub by Patron Mohammed Noor (Photo by Mwakwaya Raymond)

By Mwakwaya Raymond Mwakwaya

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Governor Hassan Ali Joho has criticised those touting the bottom-up economic model saying it is unworkable in Kenya because of being borrowed from a different contextual framework. 

The Mombasa boss says not only is the model not applicable but also viable at this point in time as it requires numerous policies to be enacted first in the country. 

Kenyans, according to him, should be wary about the model which is being orchestrated by the Deputy President William Ruto via his hustler narrative. 

“You don’t replicate an economic model from another country, where the political terrain is different, and where the other country’s economic strength is different and expect it to work. They cannot even authentically define the model and what it entails to the common mwananchi,” he adds.


Mombasaa Governor Hassan Joho (Right) accompained by CS Joe Mucheru (Centre) alongside other dignitaries being shown around at Swahili Pot Hub by Patron Mohammed Noor (Photo by Mwakwaya Raymond)

Accompanied by the information and communication technology (ICT) cabinet secretary Joe Mucheru at a Mombasa youth function, he says the elephant in the room is not an economic model but how to combat corruption and the soaring public debt. 

“There are a lot of conversations ongoing about the economy, some of the people can’t even explain their models, and that is why I am urging the youth to be wary of these economic models,” Joho said. 

He cautioned the youth to be on the lookout before any economic models are pushed down their throats by selfish politicians. 

In his view, the building bridges initiative (BBI) would have given the youth the desired opportunities and outcomes worth being proud of among the many challenges facing them currently. 

He accused the DP of running a parallel set of politics apart from those of the government and his boss, President Uhuru Kenyatta. 

“Instead of holding the president’s hand and achieving the Jubilee manifesto you are dragging the president down with early campaigns. Honestly how do you compete with an outgoing President?” he poses. 

Joho asks the youth to strategically position themselves ahead of the 2022 general elections by nominating one of themselves for elective positions.  

He asked them to demand for their involvement when manifestoes are being crafted so that they can have their views and agendas captured. 

“If you don’t choose one amongst yourself, then other senior politicians will take away your destinies to their advantage,” he added.


At the same time, the governor stressed the need for the youth to wisely choose their political leaders and stay away from those who are self-centered and not putting into consideration their rights. 

“In politics don’t follow someone because of their facial look, look at what they can offer politically and economically,” he said urging the youth to align themselves with leaders who mind about future empowerment of the youth.  

On his part Information and communication CS Joe Mucheru urged the youth to avoid political misuse but raise up for elective positions.  

Mohammed Noor and Hassn Joho walking around Swahili Pot Hub (Photo Mwakwaya Raymond)

He also cautioned the youth against being drugged into new conversations which are not economical viable to themselves. 

“Don’t be cheated again, that you have no value, and be used, by some politicians for their political gain. Politics is about realignments, youth should know where they are going as youth, and you can’t always be taken for a ride,” the CS said. 

He said the government has invested in the youth where about 1.2 million people are working online and earning a living. 

The CS expressed his disappointment with the BBI verdict that he said has denied the youth a bright future, through tax initiatives that would come along with it. 

“Don’t feel discouraged even after the BBI falls, the government will continue to have plans for the youth,” he said. 

Also in attendance was the former IEBC chief executive officer Ezra Chiloba. 

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