September 18, 2021

Sanitary Towels, Hindering Girl Child Education in Mombasa County Schools, Activists

Members of the Kadzandani Creative Youth Group during the She Initiative donating sanitary towel at Joho girls’ Secondary School . Image, Mwanamgeni Said.


Lack of sanitary towels in schools hinders the progress of the girl child as far as education is concerned, activists have said.

The problem according to Family Health Options Kenya, FHOK a locally based non-governmental organization is rampant in some schools within Mombasa County.

Family Health Options Kenya youth coordinator Bernard Ochieng says the menace has led to most girls fail to attend school as a result of menstrual shame.

Speaking at Hassan Joho Girls’ Secondary School in Mombasa early this week Ochieng accused parents on claims of forfeiting their parental obligations.

He says of most of the parents fail to sensitize their children on menstrual hygiene.

“Some of the youths do not have someone to talk to about menstrual hygiene. Most of them are conversant with technology ending up being misinformed,” he noted.

Kadzandani Creative Youth Group Director Omar Chai pointed that the program was formed to assist young girls overcome challenges they face in pursuit of their dreams.

“Amongst other objectives, the She Initiative gives voice to the girl child in order to curb gender based violence amongst young girls,” said Omar.

He however cites lack of religious good will as a hindrance to the child education.

“Most of the religious leaders find girl child education a disturbing topic likely to mislead the youth,” he explained.

One of the Kadzandani residents who spoke on condition of anonymity wants parents in the area to create a bond with their children in order to facilitate communication.

Said the resident “apart from young girls being our main target we also aim at parents by creating awareness on the significance of building good relationships with their children.”  

The youth group donated a total of 192 sanitary towels to the girls at Hassan Joho Girls Secondary School.

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