May 28, 2022

Police in Kwale Hunting for Health Officer Imposters

Kwale county commander Joseph Nthenge flanked by senior Kwale county officials. Image: Kahonzi Kaliwa



Police in Kwale County have started a man hunt on a group of youths posing as security officers to enforce COVID-19 government directives.

Addressing the media in Kwale County on Thursday  Kwale Police commander Joseph Nthenge said unscrupulous youth have been setting roadblocks along Lungalunga- Likoni road and demanding cash the public. 

Nthenge termed their action illegal adding that those found culpable will face a full force of the law.

“We understand dozens of people have been rendered jobless by the corona pandemic. However this should not be a leeway for others to use illegal ways to survive,” warned the officer.

The county security chief further observed that Matuga and Lunga Lunga border towns have been a gold mine for the rogue youths.

He says the government is not ready to put up with such behavior.

“The suspects cheat the masses saying they would only allow them to cross over to the other county if they bribe them,” said the officer.

The county police boss further warned youths from Mazeras in Kinango sub-county posing temporary road contractors along the Mazera-Kinango road with an intent to take money from the public.

He urged parents to advise their children on positive ways of making a living.

Hotels have been closed due to corona virus rendering thousands of locals jobless. Image: (Courtesy)

The Corona pandemic has led to massive loss of jobs to not only Kwale county locals but also the nation at large.

Some have resorted to an alternative way to survive leading to an upsurge of theft cases in various areas within the county.

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