September 26, 2023

People Living with Leprosy Risk Being Evicted From KMTC Land

Leprosy victims in Tumbe village Msambweni sub county. Image KAHONZI KALIWA



More than 42 families living with leprosy in Tumbe village Msambweni Sub County are afraid of being evicted from a land belonging to Kenya Medical Training Institute (KMTC)

Speaking to journalists on Tuesday in his home in, Kea Menza a leprosy victim claimed the families have been living in that village since 1950s.

“We used to do our agricultural activities on this land and that is where our ancestors were buried before the establishment of this college,” lamented Kea.

He added that the principal is now threatening to demolish their houses if the families will not comply with her directive. 

” We have not yet received an official notice of eviction, we are surprised to hear that the principal has ordered bulldozers to come and demolish our houses ,” posed Mr. Kea.

The villager claimed the principal has not yet given them a way forward or an alternative land despite forcing them to leave the land. 

His sentiments were echoed by Mwanaulu Ali saying despite the eviction the families are suffering for lacking support from well-wishers and the government during the Covid 19 pandemic.

“Since the cessation and curfew by the government leprosy victims are suffering because they have been forced to beg in big towns like Mombasa ,Lungalunga and Ukunda as means of survival.” revealed Ali.

 She alleged that after their sponsors learnt of the eviction threat no more aid comes forth to Tumbe village.

KMTC land that the villagers risk being evicted from. Image; KAHONZI KALIWA

At the same time, Charo Kalama said his efforts to seek assistance from the national and county government on the matter have borne no fruits.

Kalama wondered why the Msambweni sub_county administrator Mwanakombo Kilalo was also supporting the institute’s eviction order.

Salim Ali Pato who is the chairman of Tumbe village is now calling upon the county government and the KMTC management to relocate them instead of threatening them.

Pato pleaded on the government to show them another place where they could call home permanently.

” If it is a must for us to leave this land and pave way for the management to extend the college then they should take us to a better land that will not interfere with our daily businesses, ” said Pato.

Kwale County governor Salim Mvurya in his remarks said no residents should be moved out of their homes.

Kwale County Governor Salim Mvurya. Image: (Courtesy)

” The county government has not issued any order of eviction to Tumbe residents so I don’t expect any tension from the community but I will send my team to the ground to investigate, “Said Mvurya.

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