June 16, 2024

CORRUPTION, Is it an Agenda in this Election?

Ethics and Anti Corruption Headquarters Photo / Courtesy

By Mwakera Mwajefa

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Corruption hurts everyone and goes beyond the corrupt individuals, the innocent colleagues who are implicated, or the reputation of the organizations they work for.

Corruption erodes the trust we have in the public and private sectors to act in our best interests except for unscrupulous politicians.

It also wastes taxes or rates that have been earmarked for important community projects – meaning you have to put up with poor quality services or infrastructure or you miss out altogether! 

Look critically at the 2022 presidential frontrunners – who’s allergic to corruption talk? Why? Why, I’m asking…

Who’s keeping the issue of corruption squarely in his/her campaigns in the development agenda?

Ethics and Anti Corruption Headquarters / Photo/Courtesy

Either discussing the causes and consequences of corruption or conceptualising the context of a least developed country with considerable regulation and central direction. 

Lack of transparency, accountability and consistency, as well as institutional weakness such as in the legislative and judicial systems, provide fertile ground for growth of rent seeking activities in Kenya should be burning lips of candidates but what are you hearing? 

For instance, why are the presidential aspirants silent on the fertile ground for growth of underground economy and the high social costs associated with corruption?

This has adverse consequences on income distribution, consumption patterns, investment, the government budget and on economic reforms.

Presidential candidates, who have already declared their interest for the August 9 election, should make corruption their priority agenda if they want to turn Kenya into an economic tiger!

Wacheni kutulisha *upupu* wa psychosocial corruption!!!


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