May 28, 2022

Joho Sets Aside Sh64 Million for Isolation Centres

Technical University of Mombasa. Image: (Courtesy)

By The Coast newspaper Team
The county government of Mombasa has allocated a total of sh64 million for the expansion of the isolation centre at Coast Province General hospital.
The expansion of centre will enable the health facility to accommodate a total of 150 beds from the previous 19 beds capacity for COVID 19 patients.
Speaking to the media in Mombasa on Thursday Coast Province General Hospital Chief Executive Officer Dr. Iqbal Khandawalla said the facility will include, special maternity beds, children and medical staff suffering from the virus.
Khandawalla further noted that the expansion will spearhead the war on against the spread of the corona virus at a time the county is recording a rise in the number of confirmed cases.
“I want to thank the county government for the measures put in place to ensure that more space is allocated to combat the spread of corona virus,” he noted.

Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho. Image: (Courtesy)

The executive director further says plans are in place to create a more spacious isolation facility at the Technical University of Mombasa in a bid to combat the spread of the novel virus COVID-19.
The event was also attended by Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho.

Mombasa County Governor Ali Hassan Joho accompanied by other leaders at the CPGH recently. Image: (Courtesy)

On Monday, Joho launched a sanitizing spray booth where ferry users pass through and are sprayed with a disinfectant solution before being allowed to board the ferry.
Joho has been an avid advocate of total lockdown in the fight against Covid-19.
The county leadership has even threatened to prosecute residents who fail to comply with the government directives making him win accolades for the war on corona virus. 

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