June 15, 2024

Tong-IL Moo-DO Championship Gets Notch Higher

Tong-IL Moo_Do Federation President Grandmaster Takamistu Hoshiko (Right) Photo( By /Mwakwaya Raymond)

By Mwakwaya Raymond

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President of the fast growing Tong Il- Moo-Do Championship has expressed satisfaction with the way Kenya government has been handling the game. 

Federation President Grandmaster Takamistu Hoshiko said since 2013 when Kenya hosted the first championship the game has continued to record tremendous growth. “The game has received full support from the Kenyan government a move that has encouraged other countries to join the championship,” said the Federation President. 

President Takamistu said the game has become more competitive that he’s optimistic more countries will join the championship come next year.

Countries such as Brazil, Thailand, South Korea, Cote D’Voire, Phillipines, Congo Brazzaville, Nigeria, Iran and Turkey have always participated in the International event.

The international game has not cemented peaceful co existence but also build business relationships amongst countries.

On his part the vice President Kouame Dielidonne Bohousou who represents the federation in Cote d’Ivoire said the interaction among team players from different countries creates great friendship and promotes mankind amongst them.

He adds that it brings together youth and prevents them from engaging in immoral activities. 

President of Africa Tong -LL Moo-Do Master Clarence Mwakio (Photo By/Mwakwaya Raymond)

Kenya was well represented by the Jasiri national team in the two day event that closed its doors on Monday by bagged 12 medals in the opening day of the Mombasa Open Tong IL- Moo Do international championships.

The players emerged winners in the first four events of the day scoping 4gold, 4 silver and 4 bronze.

This year’s competition attracted 10 countries which includes 

Brazil, Thailand, South Korea, Cote D’Voire, Phillipines,Congo Brazzaville, Nigeria, Iran and Turkey. 

The seven time defending champions at the Aga Khan Multipurpose hall clinched the medals despite the high turnout of foreign players.

Table of the Final Results

Former Sports Commissioner Gordon Oluoch and African Tong Il Moo Do Federation President Clarence Mwakio were also graced the championship.

“On behalf of the World Tong Il Moo Do Federation, I would like to commend Kenyan government for its support towards the promotion of the sport in the country. We have seen tremendous improvement of Tong Il Moo Do in Kenya, which cannot go unnoticed,” said Master Mwakio.

This year’s competition comes at a time when all sporting events were cancelled due to Covid-19 pandemic.

Kenya has recorded several cases of people who passed on due to the Covid 29 pandemic.

Organizers of the Event Issuing PPE to Participants (Photo/ By Mwakwaya Raymond)

The players in this year’s event expressed gratitude to the Kenyan government for giving the federation a green light to hosting the championship.

Indeed organizers of the event observed the Covid 19 protocols so as to minimise the chances of contracting the deadly virus. Players were issued with Personal Protective equipment PPE which had face masks, sanitizer, hand wipers and other personal effects.

The public was reminded from time to time to observe the health guidelines over the public announcement by keeping social distance and putting on face masks.

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