December 3, 2022

Efforts to Restore Kaya Forest Take Shape

Kwale County boss Salim Mvurya. Image: (Courtesy)



Survey and demarcation of the  controversial Kaya Tiwi forest in Matuga sub-county has begun.

This comes after a private developer claimed to have legally acquired a 25 acres piece of land in the said forest.

Leading the exercise on Thursday Kwale county governor Salim Mvurya accused  the private investor for grabbing the sacred forest. 

” The developer has fake documents for this land as ,it is not clear who gave him the powers to build a perimeter wall in this sacred forest ,”Said Mvurya.

He added that the high court  ordered the tycoon to stop developing the community land and wait for court ruling. 

“I fail to understand why this developer is going against the court orders and forcefully moving on with construction ” lamented the county boss. 

The governor vowed  that no community land in kwale county will be grabbed during his leadership. 

“I can not sit back and watch my people living as squatters in their own ancestral land because of individuals who want to benefit themselves ,I repeat no tycoon will grab have a chance to evict indigenous people in their land, ” he noted. 

At the same time Mvurya warned the local security apparatus against harassing wananchi in favour of the developer. 

“How can you provide security to an individual who is claiming to own a piece of land illegally while at the same time  intimidate the locals ,” wondered  the governor.

He called upon the DCI and ministry of interior to intervene and launch investigation against the officers. 

“I’m calling upon the county police commander to transfer those officers performing their duties against the constitutional laws by  violenting  locals rights ,”Condemned the furious Leader .

His sentiments were echoed by Kwale county Deputy Governor Fatuma Achani who urged the locals to remain calm as leaders tried to sort out the problem.

Kwale County Deputy Governor Fatuma Achani. Image: (Courtesy)

” The county Government has not authorised any any construction to be conducted in this forest and as such we appeal to the citizens not to the law into their own hands as the matter is being handled by the government. “Noted Achani.

Kaya elders led by their chairman; Juma Abdallah Mwazuzu swore that they will not allow the sacred forest to be grabbed. 

“Cultural prayers have conducted in this forest for more than a century now, how can a individual  from nowhere come and claim to own this land ,we are ready to die but save our sacred forest ,”Said Mwazuzu

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