September 26, 2023

11 Million Spent on Ajira Mitaani, Interior Ministry PAS Reveals

Interior Principal Administrative Secretary (PAS) William Kangethe Thuku. Image; (Courtesy)



The government has spent over sh11 million in paying 1000 youths employed under the Ajira Mitaani Initiative in Kwale County, a Principal Administrative Secretary (PAS) has revealed
Speaking to the media in Kwale county, during a monitoring and evaluation exercise Interior Ministry PAS William Kangethe Thuku noted that the program was initiated to engage youths during this period of corona pandemic.

Thuku says the economy in South coast had depreciated following the outbreak of the pandemic.

“This initiative was set to cushion youths during these hard times. The government is conversant with the economic drain. The mostly affected sector being the tourism sector,” noted Thuku.

He noted that the 22 days phase one program was coming to an end the following week advising the beneficiaries to wisely use the money gained.

His sentiments were echoed by area county commissioner Karuku Ngumo saying the government has put measures to ensure that vulnerable groups do not suffer during this trying moments. 
“Every week 32,000 people in the region who are affected by Corona pandemic receive shillings 1000 from the government.” said Ngumo.
The administrator revealed that last, the elderly enrolled under Inua Jamii program received shs1.6 million, people living with disability got sh3.8 Million while orphans and needy children received a total of shillings 38 Million.
At the same time, Kwale county governor Salim Mvurya urged the government to continue funding the second phase of the Ajira Mtaani Initiative adding that it would empower youths in the region.

Kwale County Governor Salim Mvurya. Image: (Courtesy)

“We have about 6000 jobless youths in the region. I call on the government to fund an extension of the program so that youths all the sub counties can benefit. The first phase includes only two sub counties; Matuga and Msambweni,” said Mvurya.
The county chief urged youths in the area to utilize their funds appropriately by starting income generating projects.

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