December 5, 2022

Several People Arrested Over Land Feuds

Some of the people arrested over land feud. Image. KAHONZI KALIWA



Police are detaining 22 people for allegedly attending an illegal meeting in Magandia within Matuga in Kwale County.

The 22 were among more than 150 individuals gathered on a piece of land owned by a private developer.
Confirming the arrest Kwale police commander Joseph Nthenge said the individuals were armed ready to commit felony.
“The individuals armed with pangas, knives, jembes had forcefully invaded the parcel of land with land registration No.4659 of about 413 hectares and demarcated for themselves claiming it was illegally acquired by the developer, “Said Nthenge.
He added that Kwale police officers and GSU Waa camp intercepted an illegal gathering on the piece of land owned by Alikhan and Rahimkhan.
“The individuals failed to observe health protocols against covid_19 and had trespassed on the parcel of land while armed. “Lamented Mr.Nthenge. 
The police officers managed to arrest 22 youths while others escaped.

Some of the weapons found with the suspects. Image; KAHONZI KALIWA

” They will appear in court and will  be charged  with  trespassing, illegal gathering, preparing to commit a felony as well defying public health protocols against covid_19 ,” Said Mr.Nthenge. 
The officer warned youths against taking lthe law in their hands and cause damage to other people properties warning that law will be taken against them. 

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