October 6, 2022

Residents Want IEBC to Call For By Elections

The late Msambeni legislator Suleiman Dori. Residents have called on a by election even as the corona pandemic bites in various parts of the country. Image. (Courtesy)


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Msambweni residents are now calling upon the Independent Electoral and boundaries Commission (IEBEC) to set date for Msambweni sub_county by election despite the Corona pandemic. 

The residents expressed fear that they would not have a representative upto 2022 when the county will be holding general elections if measures to combat the pandemic will not bear fruits. 

Led by Hemed Mtibi , they said since the death of late Suleiman Dori on 9 March 2020 , Msambweni residents are not represented in the national assembly. 

” We want a leader in this sub-county who will represent us in the national assembly and ensures that there is allocation of funds for Msambweni residents. We understand that constituency development fund CDF for Msambweni is closed until a leader is elected, ” Said Mtibi 

He urged IEBC to push for and announce the election date soon because according to the constitution, there should not be a by election 6 months to general election.

He added that, now people have adhered to the public health directives to curb the spreading of covid_19. 

“Msambweni residents are putting on face masks observing social distances ,washing hands and sanitizing. We don’t understand why the by election date is not announced ,”insisted Mr. Mtibi.

He revealed that about 11 aspirants are now campaigning through social media following the public health directives to curb the spreading of Corona virus. 

Kwale county executive committee in-charge of finance Hassan Bakari Sebe a Jubilee aspirant said due to the Corona pandemic he took the initiative of social media to succeed his campaign. 

“I am doing great selling my manifesto through the social media though not all people on my account support me but I am trying to inform the why I am vying for the seat.”

Kwale County Finance and Economic Planning CEC Bakari Sebe during the swearing in ceremony in Kwale County. The CEC is eyeing the MP seat in Msambweni constituency on a Jubilee ticket. Image; (courtesy)

Sebe noted that his biggest agenda is to see there is unity in the area because Msambweni is metropolitan, education restoration, youths employment and other challenges facing Msambweni residents.

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