September 26, 2023

Where Trust and Faith are Under Siege, Betrayal Thrives

The Constitution states that everyone is equal before the law. Image: (Courtesy)

By Our Political Analyst


Is 2022 the year to dissolve the ‘political bands’ which tie us together into tribal cocoons?

In the course of human events, it becomes imperative for people to dissolve these bands if they want to change the current order that goes against the Laws of Nature and against the Nature of God’s laws.

All human beings are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness (Jefferson, 1776).

But to secure these rights we must know governments are instituted by individuals who derive their powers from the consent of the governed (voters). And whenever any form of government becomes destructive of the governed’s expectations, they have the right to alter or abolish it and then institute a new government – 2022!

It’s, therefore, the duty of each one of us to rethink about our ethnic linings and for once think Kenyan to clean its ‘political design’ devoid of tribalism and provide ‘new guards’ devoid of ‘ushenzi wa kikabila’ but endowed with ‘ukenya’ for our future security.

Let’s ALL scrutinise the current leaders and those aspiring to-be to do away with those driven by ‘sinister interests’ of privilege which exploited the ordinary people.

Since independence (1963), Kenyans have endured systems of depredation and oppression; power by means of the corruption and delusion which have been the essence of forms of government that have used physical force, intimidation or remuneration to pocket or silence voices of reason!

Kenyans join hands to raise the Kenyan Flag at the time of Independence in 1963, a symbol of unity and attainment self rule. Image: (Courtesy)

Adam Smith (1759) notes that many political candidates for the highest station (presidential seat) think they can attain the object of ambition without fear of being called to account for the means by which they acquired it.

“They often endeavour, therefore, not only by fraud and falsehood, the ordinary and vulgar arts of intrigues and cabal; but sometimes by the perpetration of the most enormous crimes, by murder and assassination, by rebellion and civil war, to supplant and destroy those who oppose or stand in the way of their greatness.” (Adam Smith).

As 2022 beckons, we (voters) should not allow a monopoly of political power to take root in this country to the ‘have being’ leaders but become focused of ‘new faces’ that ‘have not being’ leaders out to change our destiny compared to the former naturally out to defend their privileges and immunities against encroachments of every other order of society.

In the African order of society context, we are not supposed to questions our elders or those in positions and power. The leaders are masters not servants of the people – to be obeyed and not resisted, deposed or punished as the public convenience may require. This could be the doctrine of reason and philosophy but it’s not the doctrine of nature!

Nature will treat us harshly if we allow ourselves to be ‘mass commodities’ of politicians only seeking our votes for their selfish and sinister interests! We are not zombies or robots to dance to their ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ lies over the past 11 general election since Kenyan independence.

Could 2022 be our ‘cleansing’ year of Kenya’s politics and removing the ‘ushenzi wa kikabila’ to ‘ukenya wa kikabila’? Methinks…

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