September 26, 2023

Police Brutalize Youth In Curfew Enforcement

Ephantus Kamau at Kind Fahad Hospital. Image: ZUBEIR ATHMAN


Police officers in Lamu County are again on the spot over brutality.
This follows recent complaints from a family in Mpeketoni alleging that their 28-year-old son Ephantus Wanjohi Kamau is in critical condition after he was ruthlessly beaten by police enforcing the Covid-19 curfew in the area.
Kamau, a father of two is now admitted at the Lamu King Fahad County hospital.
The man is in critical condition following police beating which is believed to have left him nurse serious brain injuries and bruises on his left hand.
Kamau who works as a local mechanic within

Mpeketoni Town was on his way home from his garage when a group of armed police officers arrested him for walking around during curfew hours.
Muthoni who just delivered their second born baby two weeks ago said at around 11pm, an officer called her again and inquired whether her husband suffered from diabetes or epilepsy.
“I told the officer my husband was a healthy man and that in the six years of our marriage, I had never seen him sick from anything. The officer then asked me to go to Mpeketoni hospital as my husband was sick and had been taken there,” said the lady.
She found her husband lying unresponsive in one of the wards and could not understand why.

“It’s only the police who have answers on what actually transpired and left my husband in that state. I ask them to come out clear and explain what they actually did to my husband. He is the sole breadwinner to the family,” she added.
The victim’s father, Richard Kariuki questioned why the police have distanced themselves from the matter.
Kariuki said the family is poor and cannot even cater for the hospital bills.

Richard Kariuki nursing his son Ephantus Kamau at King Fahad Hospital. Image: ZUBEIR ATHMAN

He said he believes the police did something to his son and caused him to be in the state he is in.
The family is unable to raise money for a CT scan and X-Ray as requested by doctors at the hospital.
“The doctors want some tests done and we do not have a penny to pay for that. My son was okay and now look at him. How can the police be this heartless,” wondered the father.
The family says Kamau should have been arrested and charged accordingly instead of being beaten up.
Residents in various parts of Lamu have numerously accused the police of using brutal force to enforce the curfew and other Covid-19 precautionary measures leaving scores nursing wounds and injuries.
In response, Lamu County Commander Moses Murithi said he was not aware of the incident but promised to investigate.
“I am not aware of the incident since there is no such report made to my office but I will follow up,” said Mr Murithi. 

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