May 28, 2022

Police gun down Terror Suspect

Crime Scene. Image; (Courtesy)



Security operators have gunned down a suspected terrorist in Ngerenya area in South Coast of Kwale County.
Confirming the incident  Kwale County police commander Joseph Nthenge said police officers who were on patrol in Diani came across the suspect namely Suleiman Ali Godza Alias Pembe, a leader of illegal group of Alshabaab.
“The deceased had earlier escaped from a Likoni operation. He is believed to be behind shooting of two officers who were guarding ACK church Ukunda on 3rd of September 2017,” claimed  Nthenge.

The officer added that the suspect is believed to have been planning to carry out attacks on police officers on patrol within Likoni and Ukunda. 
“On being ordered to surrender he attempted to attack the officers using a machete which prompted the officers to shoot him,” said the police boss.
Police recovered a machete from the suspect.
The body is lying at Kwale hospital morgue awaiting postmortem.

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