January 27, 2023

Government Urged to Beef Up Security In Lamu Outskirts

Coast regional Cordinator John Elungata with other top security officials at Kiangwe in Lamu County. Image: ZUBEIR ATHMAN


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Residents in villages affected by machete-wielding gangs in Lamu County are pleading with the state to establish more security camps to enable them to live harmoniously.
Villages which are worst hit by machete attacks include Tchundwa, Mbwajumwali, Myabogi and surrounding areas.
The latest incident is that of Police Constable Rodgers Odhiambo who was accosted by a gang of three men who slashed him on the head, face, chest and limbs and killed him instantly at Tchundwa Town on Monday night.
On December 11, 2019, two chiefs were killed by a machete-wielding gang inside their office at Mbwajumwali Village.
On October 5, 2019, a Police Constable, Hesbon Okemwa Anunda was also killed in a similar situation.
On April 22, 2019, a Kenya Red Cross Volunteer and Nyumba Kumi official Amina Bakari was also killed by a machete-wielding gang as she closed shop at around 11pm within Mbwajumwali Village.
Speaking to the media, the locals agitated for the establishment of extra General Service Unit (GSU) camps in the concerned areas so that the frequent cases of machete attacks can be stopped.

Lamu residents during a public baraza on the security situation in the County. Image; ZUBEIR ATHMAN

Bakari Abdalla said they were tired of witnessing cases of police and local administrators being killed in the hands of machete-wielding gangs.
“It’s high time that the national government enhances security in our villages through establishing GSU camps to help curb attacks from the gangs. We’re tired of the heinous killings meted out on our police and local administrators in this region,” said Abdallah.
Ali Suleiman said he believes once enough police camps are established in Lamu East, machete-wielding gangs will not have a chance to conduct attacks.
“Our only hope is to see GSU camps erected in this place so that citizens can have the freedom to move anywhere and at any time,” noted Suleiman.
The residents said if GSU camps are introduced in most parts of Lamu East, it will even be easy for security agencies to keep the county under surveillance and as such, machete attacks would subsequently be minimized.
Mrs Fatma Amin said the gang members were maximizing the fact that there are less police camps and inadequate police posts in the region, something she said was making their attacks easy.

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