June 14, 2024

Allow Ruto to Implement his Manifesto, Opposition told

By The COAST Reporter

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Senate Speaker Amason Kingi has asked the opposition Azimio la Umoja-One Kenya Coalition to give President William Ruto time to roll out his election manifesto.

The speaker, who also doubles up as the Pamoja African Alliance (PAA) leader, accused the opposition leaders of not only sabotaging the President, but also blaming him for failing to improve the economy or tackle the high cost of living in the country.

“For the economy of this country to improve, the President must be given time to work. It is not possible that whenever he plans, others are sabotaging him. When he places a cooking pot on the fire, others kick the pot and then blame him for not giving them food.”

However, the speaker did not elaborate how the opposition was sabotaging the Kenya Kwanza Alliance government.

Kingi made his remarks as the chief guest at the Idsowe African Inland Church (AIC) in Tana River County on September 30, 2023 where he witnessed the launching of the Pokomo version of the Holy Bible.

Those in attendance were Tana River Governor Dhadho Godhana, Senators Danson Mungatana (Tana River) and Rafael Chimera (nominated) and a host of bishops including Bishop Isaiah Deye, the moderator of the Methodist Church of Kenya, who officially dedicated the new Bible.

“If you want this country to be fixed, allow the President to fully roll out his manifesto, which has the answers to all questions wananchi are asking, including the cost of living, universal health care and industrialization,” Kingi said.

The speaker, whose party is an affiliate of the Kenya Kwanza Coalition, urged Coast region people to unite and form a formidable force to bargain for inclusion at the national negotiating table.

He asked Coast leaders to forget about political parties and unite with a view to having a stake in the government as a people.

Supporting deputy president Rigathi Gachagua’s assertion that the KKA government is of shareholders, he noted that although development projects would be implemented in all regions, only those who supported the President during the campaigns should expect to get appointments in his government.

“What the DP is saying is very true. Whenever he speaks, some people become bitter, but he is speaking the truth. When he talks about shareholders, let us get angry and support the Ruto government in 2027 so that as a region we become real shareholders in his government.”

He explained that the government would spread development across the country because Dr. Ruto was the President of the entire country but told off the opposition of expecting any appointment in a government they did not help to form.

Gov Godhana supported calls for unity among the coastarians so that the region could have stake in government but faulted the issue of equating the government to a company or a savings or a cooperative society.

“I support the idea of Coast unity for the sake of elections, but after elections, the government that comes to power should embrace inclusivity.”

Sen Mungatana, on his part, called for the quick conclusion of the bi-partisan talks spearheaded by the National Dialogue Committee and asked Kenyans to desist from involving the Judiciary in political matters.

The senator, who is also the chairman of the special committee investigating the Shakahola tragedy, said his committee would seek more time in the Senate to complete its investigations and present a comprehensive report.

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