December 7, 2022

Civil Society Out to Mobilize Locals In Voter Registration Exercise

Mwambao Network Cordinator Phenny Kataana stressing a point on the voter Registration (Ohoto By Correspondent)

By The COAST Correspondent 


A civil society in Coast Region has launched a campaign to mobilize and sensitize locals on the need to register as voters once the exercise kicks off next month. 

Mwambao Network wants to ensure all young men and women who are eligible to be voters are not left out but registered to exercise their democratic right come next general elections. 

Speaking on September 10, 2021 at Utange area within Mombasa County, the organisation coordinator Pheny Katana cautioned locals not to be lured to change their voting stations saying it will jeopardize their voting and economic power. 

She said there were unscrupulous people who were already going round to transfer people and have them registered in certain specific areas for their selfish interests. 

Dorris Dama addressing the Media (Photo Correspondent)

She called on locals to be on the lookout and report such individuals who were out to rig elections right from the word go.


The coordinator says changing ones voting station would be transferring your voting power hence wasting your own vote. 

“Everyone should register at the place of residence at the moment to enable him or her vote for the leaders of his or her choice that will serve them after the next general elections. If you agree to be registered in other places apart from where you stay it means you won’t be able to elect leaders who will serve you but you’ll be fulfilling the interests of greedy politicians,” Pheny said. 

Last week the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission announced to launch a continuous voter registration beginning from next month targeting to register at least 6 million voters at the close of the exercise.

Rama Yongo at the Presser (Photo by Correspondent)

Mwambao Network wants to engage all stakeholders to ensure beginning with the registrar of persons to ensure the issuance of Identity cards is conducted seamlessly to enable as many people as possible get their cards in time and take part in the voter registration exercise. 

“Economic empowerment starts with registering as a voter to elect good leaders who will in turn initiate better development programs to the locals to benefit hence fend themselves,” said the organisation chairman Rama Yongo.


Members also took issue with IEBC not to impose clerks to any area but consider local youth in the registration opportunities. 

“This exercise will succeed if only IEBC will engage local people from any area to undertake the registration of voters at their areas if residence because they are able to identify those who are yet to be registered turn out in their very particular areas,” said Mama Dorris Dama a political activist. 

People living with disabilities also want to be given first priority when the exercise begins next month. 

IEBC is further petitioned to uphold high standard of integrity if it is to conduct free, fair and credible elections. 

The region has been lagging behind when it comes to issues of voting making leaders from other parts of the country to economically hoodwink the area in terms of development. 

IEBC is set to conduct the next general elections in 2022.

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