May 28, 2022

We are Starving, Disabled Cry Foul

Tunaweza Women With Disability Executive Director Charity Chahasi (left) and Lucy Chesi. Image: (Courtesy)


A section of people living with disability in Mombasa County has called on the government to ensure an adequate supply of food during the COVID-19 period.
The community argues that they (disabled) risk starvation if the government fails to chip in to save the situation.
Addressing the media in Mombasa on Friday Tunaweza Women with Disability executive director Charity Chahasi insists that the community is currently facing an economic drain due to COVID19 calling for an urgent redress by government.
“The government must address this plight. As a disabled community we are appealing to the government to ensure that we remain safe during this period,” she said.
She adds that the community depends on the common man for their survival saying they are undergoing a harsh moment due to the lockdown.
Chahasi lauded the government for the strategies put in place to ensure that COVID-19 pandemic does not spread.

“We cannot afford to have our own water for washing our hands. I cannot use the only 20 litre can for all my house hold chores and at the same time use it to sanitize myself,” she noted.
The executive director, however, expressed concern that the lame are at a high risk of contacting the corona virus due to their immobility.

Members of Tunaweza Women with Disability at a past function. Image (Courtesy)

Meanwhile Lucy Chesi one of the disability says the community undergoes a myriad of challenges while implementing the directive set by the health ministry.
Chesi accused the government on claims of failing to include the said community right from the onset of the pandemic.
She urged the government to provide them with basic commodities in order for them to survive.
The director further wants the national council for people living with disability to advise the government on alternative methods of laid by the ministry of health in order to stop the spread of COVID19.
Meanwhile Lucy Chesi one of the disability said disabled communities’ undergo a myriad of challenges in implementing the directives by the ministry of health.
She says the government failed to include the community right from the beginning of the pandemic.
”As the disabled we feel that the government did not include us right from the beginning. We also want to feel part and parcel of the entire planning process,” Chesi noted.
She wants the government to assist the disabled by providing them with essential commodities for their survival.
The government has so far confirmed a total of 184 cases of corona virus throughout the country.
In a Gazette Notice dated April 6, Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe said Kenyans found not wearing a mask in cars or matatus risk a six month jail term or liable to a fine of not exceeding Sh20, 000
According to Kagwe, a business man also risks a fine of Sh20,000 if he or she does not provide either soap and water or an alcohol-based sanitizer at the entrance.
The same will also apply if one violates any of the Public Health (COVID-19 Restriction of Movement of Persons and Related Measures) Rules 2020. 

Tunaweza Women with disability members at their shop in Bombolulu. Image: (Courtesy)

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