February 17, 2024

Uphold The Rule Of Law, Police Told

The family of a trio abducted by what the family claims are police officers addressing journalists in Mombasa on Wednesday. Image : PETER KOMBE

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Families of a trio allegedly abducted by police in Kilifi County on Saturday want the government to intervene and shed light on their disappearance.
According to Mohammed Swaleh the three; Juma Shamte, Khalid Swaleh and Hassan Ouma were forcefully abducted by what he claims are police officers from their residential areas in Mtondia Kilifi County.
Mohammed, a son of Khalid Swaleh claimed that the trio had no crime records.
“Police came and broke the walls of their houses and harassed the three and later took them away. They are spotless and have no criminal records,” he said.
He called on the police to act swiftly on the matter and bring back the disappeared trio.
At the same time, Yusuf Abubakar, a lawyer, asked the police to uphold the rule of law.
The lawyer states that it is the prime responsibility of the police force to ensure Kenyans are secure insisting that their rights are protected by the law.
“Any criminal suspect should be arraigned before a court of law for determination of the alleged case. I have no doubt that the police are responsible for the disappearance,” the lawyer said.
Haki Africa Rapid Response Officer Mathias Shipeta wants the government to investigate the matter.
“I appeal to the government to look into this case. We expect the police to protect citizens as stipulated in the laws of Kenya.” he said.
Mvita legislator Abdulswammad Nassir pointed out that various departments have denied the allegations even after contacting them on the phone.

Mvita Lawmaker Abdulswamaad Nassir addressing the presser at Haki Africa offices Wednesday. Image PETER KOMBE

He asked the police to come clear and shed light on the matter.
“Police are supposed to protect citizens and not attacking them. The government says it is not aware of disappearance,then tells us who is responsible so that you come out clear of the doubt.
According to Swaleh, Khalid is the director of Markaz Noor a madrassa institution in Mtondia,  Kilifi County, Juma Shamte, a teacher while Hassan Ouma is a gardener.
The Mardassa was officially registered in 2006 and currently has a population of 100 children.
The trio Mohammed alleges disappeared on Saturday midnight.
Efforts by The Coast Newspaper efforts to contact the regional police bosses for comment on the matter did not bear fruit as they were out of their offices.

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