July 24, 2024

KRA Leads in Grand Forest Planting in Mombasa

KRA Southern Region Head of Facilities and Logistics Mr Simon Mwaniki plants mangrove Tree Seedlings at Portreiz creek in Mombasa (Photo By/Joseph Mwema)

By Joseph Mwema

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THE Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) has planted over 20,000 mangrove trees at Mchenja Maisha in Jomvu, Mombasa, as part of its strategy toward climate change mitigation.  

The exercise is also part of the organization’s corporate social responsibility and support for the government policy of enhancing its national forest covers to 15 per cent.

Speaking during the exercise, Kenya Revenue Authority Southern region head of Facilities and Logistics Mr Simon Mwaniki said the efforts were also expected to protect the society and wildlife from the dangers of climate change and global warming.   

The KRA official represented KRA Southern region Coordinator.  He said the activity was also meant to coincide with the KRA taxpayers Month.

Forestation initiatives

He however said the Authority was engaged in a continuous program throughout the year to plant trees in its premises and estates, and in other sites Countrywide, and so far thousands of trees have been planted under the initiative.

MR MwanIKI noted the afforestation program which the Authority partnered with the Kenya Forest Service (KFS) and members of the local community was expected to generate a huge multiplier effect in the Economy through economic activities drawn from the mangrove Ecosystem.

He encouraged the local communities to be patriotic and conserve the environment, not only for the sake of the current generation, but also for the sake of the future generation.

“If you cut a tree plant three more to ensure that forest resources remain sustainable. It is the responsibility of all to protect the environment. We will partner with all individuals, private, Government Organizations to promote a good environment so that we can leave this Country better than we found it.’’ Mr Mwaniki added.

Mangroves replanting

He explained that the mangrove restoration project was in line with the theme of the 8th KRA corporate plan ‘Revenue mobilization through tax simplification, technology-driven compliance and tax base expansion’.

“As you are aware Mangrove trees bear an important significance to the Marine Eco- system which form a basis to the Economic activities of the Region, ’’he noted.

The Official further observed that Mangrove forests play an integral role in providing Food security and Jobs to thousands of people in the Coast by supporting the Fishing and Tourism industries.

Mr Mwaniki encouraged all stakeholders to work hand in hand in protecting the environment which is the basis of our Economic activities.

“We should not depend on foreigners to build our Nation, but instead work had and make our economy to thrive so that we can pay the right share of taxes to enable us to govern ourselves independently as a Nation,” he said adding:

“Through taxation we can take care of our needs ranging from Education, healthcare, security, defence, social services, Agriculture and other needs”.

Deputy County Commissioner Jomvu Mr Thomas Siele commended KRA for dedicating the Month of October to appreciate taxpayers.

Kenya forest service Mombasa County conservator Ms Jenniffer Situma Nasombi hailed the Authority for partnering with KFS and other stakeholders to support conservation initiatives.

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