November 24, 2021

Government to Interrupt Operations at Likoni Channel Should Pandemic Persists

Mombasa County Commissioner Gilbert Kitiyo at a past function. Image: (Courtesy)

By The Coast Newspaper Team


Normal operations at the Likoni Ferry channel may be temporarily paralyzed if the corona pandemic persists, Mombasa County Commissioner Gilbert Kitiyo said on Monday.

He however says the decision is a deliberate effort to ensure that Kenyans remain safe from the spread of Covid 19 virus.

Kitiyo says the impasse may only last for a few days before normal operations resume.

According to the county commissioner the channel is a threat to ferry users due to congestion leading to physical contact.

“There is still a challenge at the ferry; this is due to the physical contact amongst ferry users. The government has however put in place measures to ensure that everyone is safe,”

The commissioner however points that the government has put in place measures to ensure that Kenyans remain safe from virus.

He urged Kenyans to adhere to the government directive failure to which they may be charged before a court of law.

“I want to tell Kenyans that they should remain indoors if there is no emergency. This is something that we should all look into” Kitiyo insisted.

The commissioner warned matatu drivers against carrying over 8 passengers saying defaulters will be prosecuted.

Kitiyo noted “All saccos that will flout the government directive will be revoked pof their licenses. Tuk tuk are required to carry only 2 passengers. They are further required to carry out basic hygiene,”

 Meanwhile, Janet Mirobi a business woman wants the government to come up with an alternative way of empowering Kenyans.

Most of the supermarkets in Mombasa have been recording little sales since the confirmation of corona patients in the country. Image: (courtesy)

Mirobi however says the pandemic has had a negative impact towards the economy.

She accused Kenyans on claims of being ignorant of the government directive of sanitization

“It a surprise that some Kenyans are going about their businesses as usual. The government should not lock out women businessmen if they have complied with the directive” she said.

At the same time, Ali Mohammed a business man in Mombasa County urged Kenyans to adhere to the government directive by avoiding congested places.

He applauded the government on the steps taken to contain the virus.

“Lazima watu wafuate sheria. Watu wabaki nyumbani. Hiyo ni njia ya kujikinga. People should follow the law. People should remain at home. That’s one way to protect themselves from the virus’ he said.

The businessman says the impacts of the pandemic can be felt in all sectors including the shipping management and logistics chain.

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