October 6, 2022

Disabled Get Face Masks from CBO to Combat COVID-19

Tunaweza Women with Disability CBO distributes face masks in at Bombolulu APDK Centre in Mombasa county. Image: (Courtesy).


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Over 2500 people with disabilities in Mombasa County will benefit from face masks donated by Tunaweza Women with disability a Mombasa based community based organization(CBO).

The CBO has also kick started a stiff awareness campaign to the disabled community on the impacts of COVID-19 pandemic.

 Tunaweza women with disability chief executive officer Charity chahasi said that the disabled are at high risk of contracting the disease due to their vulnerability.

The director was addressing journalists at the Bombolulu Workshop and Cultural centre on Monday.

“It is very difficult for the disabled to walk without coming into contact with someone or something. This is why we have decided to distribute these masks throughout the county,” she said.

Chachasi called on donors and well-wishers to come out and assist the disabled and the less fortunate saying they risk starvation should no one listen to their cry.

Tunaweza Women with Disability Executive director Charity Chahasi donates a face mask to a physically challenged person. Image: (Courtesy)

The executive officer urged the government to avoid discriminating between minor disabled and severe disabled

At the same time, Derrick Adeya  Bombolulu workshop branch manager  thanked the CBO for the charity gesture.

Adeya wants the government to channel all funds targeting the disabled community to the workshop, move he adds will empower the community.

“The government should put in place measures to ensure that monies targeting the disabled community reach them. This will assist in combating the pandemic.

Adeya further called on well-wishers and donors to assist the disabled community.

The director says the pandemic has not only hit the disabled facility but the world at large.

Meanwhile,  Johson Nyagaka a disabled staff at the facility said the pandemic has led to joblessness.

According to him the disabled at the workshop depend on the sales of the items they produce which he says has drastically reduced.

The CBO prepares to give out over 2500 face masks in Mombasa county. Image; Courtesy

Nyagaka wants the county government of Mombasa to increase the aid for the community should the county go the lockdown way.

“I must admit that we got the aid from Mombasa County but I want to say that there are more of us out there who have not received it,” he noted.

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