June 14, 2024

Governor Nassir Taken to Task by Local Leaders Over Leadership 

Mombasa County Governor Abdulswamad Shariff Nassir addressing Youth at the Treasury Square on the World International Youth Day (Photo by Mwakwaya Raymond)

By Mwakwaya Raymond

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The World International Youth Day on August 12 was turned into arena of accusations and counter-accusations between the executive and members of County Assembly (MCAs) in Mombasa County.

This left Governor Abdulswamad Shariff Nassir in a precarious situation responding to queries and demands from elected representatives of the county.

The demands ranged from unemployment, procurement to many other areas made in favour of the youth as they mark their day which did not augur well with the county boss who unleashed counter-demands to the MCAs accusing them of not doing their job right.

Leaders who spoke to the youth gathered to mark their day at the Treasury Square asked the governor to find a permanent solution to the perennial unemployment problem facing the youth as a priority instead of wasting time on matters of little value for them. 

Leading the onslaught was Tononoka Ward MCA Ali Omar who threw the first salvo that got support from the attending National Assembly lawmakers: Zam Zam Mohamed (County MP), Bady Twalib (Jomvu MP) and Omar Mwinyi (Changamwe MP).

The leaders criticised the county’s move to increase parking fees for private motorists but reducing the same for public service vehicles (PSVs) without any explanation.

This new taxation collection has also received hostile reception from the residents of Mji wa Kale (Old Town) that see it as punishment for living within the central business district (CBD).

Visibly angry, the governor retorted by accusing MCAs of being insensitive to issues or challenges facing youth.

He blamed the County lawmakers for not being patriotic but selfish individuals who were only interested in their own affairs and welfare.

“These youths do not feed on politics and none of them own a car, so tell me if you want to serve the public do you look at the majority who are hungry and poor or you go by the views of the few rich who own vehicles?” he posed. 

The governor told off the representatives on the employment demand saying they were not passing good laws that were in tandem with the current economic situation.

“If you want me to employee the youth you must pass laws that will help me collect more revenue to actualize that!” said irked Nassir.

Single-handedly, according to him he initiated the “Mombasa Yangu Program” for the youth without anyone’s advice or push, thus, he should not be reminded of what to do.

The governor launched Mombasa Yangu Program with intention to clean up the town and its environs through engaging the youth who then get stipend for their livelihoods.

Although several youth have been absorbed from all the six constituencies, majority of them are not happy over the criteria used saying it was biased towards certain ‘connected’ individuals.

“You’re young in age than me and you’re also young in politics than me too so I would advise you to walk cautiously not to politicise everything that comes to your dispensation.”

To assist the youth, the physical challenged and women in the county, the governor directed all departments to offer them lessons on procurement procedures so as to be considered for business tenders in his government.

In his view, his administration was on course and to the task to deal with any problem facing its constituents and lecturing from any quarters was uncalled for.

The political rivalry between the governor and the MCAs did not just happened but has been simmering for a while leading to unnecessary altercations that are impacting on county business.

The ‘silent wars’ have seen the governor hit a dead end when his policies and plans reach the CA for considerations.

On their part, the MCAs have taken their time to vet executive officers so as hit back at the county boss for turning down their demand for a trip.

Recently, the ward representatives rejected a nominee for the position of the chief-of-staff claiming some ‘external forces’ were behind his nomination.

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