June 14, 2024

Mombasa Youths Fault Revenue Allocation Formula

Edwin Shamir, Image: (Courtesy)

By The COAST Reporter
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A section of Mombasa youth leaders have faulted the formula of revenue allocation as proposed by a section of senators.
They claim that the bill has a hidden agenda aimed at killing the economies of the Coast region.
Speaking to the media in Mombasa on Thursday Edwin Shamir said should the senate go the Irungu Kang’ata way the locals will demand a full possession of their available resources.
Shamir says should the formula be adopted the youth leaders will rally behind all the political elites in the region in demanding their resources.

“This senator knows very well that the central region does not generate any income to the national government. We shall request our leaders to fight the battle to the latter,” said he.
The youth leader also lauded a bid by a section of coast MPs in forming a political party.
He says it is only through the Coast party that will place regional leaders at the national circle.
“A new party at the Coast will make coastal MPs have a say come 2022. The problem is that our leaders do not believe in themselves.
He wants the leaders to come to the grassroots level and source for members as other political party bearers have always done.
“Let them come to the grassroots. They have our support. They can only make it in national politics should they have members from the grassroots,” he noted.
On the issue of the Kazi Mtaani Youth program Shamir claims some local administrators milk locals in order to recruit them.

He pointed out the youth were being misused as the were being forced to sweep peoples compounds which they allege is against the labour laws.
Meanwhile, Nicholas Ogola from Mikindani ward in Jomvu Sub County said recruited youths have had to protest in order to receive their pay.

Nicholas Ogola. Image: PETER KOMBE

According to Ogola some administrators have taken advantage of the youth government program.
“It is a very good initiative for the youths. I really want to thank the president for this. However they are only paid when they demonstrate,” he claimed.
Ogola further took issue with the allocation of revenue formula.
He says there is a need for county governments to put in place measures to ensure that public money is safe.
According to him, any formula adopted will work provided that public funds are well utilized.
I do not  know why people always complain. What is key here is how well the money will be utilized,” Ogola insisted.
On the issue of coast politicians forming a new party he says it is within their constitutional right as Kenyans.
Ogola, however, wants Kenyans to vote in responsible leaders.
Michael Ondari, a resident of Mshomoroni says there is a need for the government to change tact.
Ondari recommends that all recruitment for the Kazi Mtaani program should be done at the county commissioner’s office.

Idd Kumbi Village Ziwa La ngombe Nyali sub county. Image: PETER KOMBE

“There is a lot of bribery going on at the village level. The county commissioner should be in charge of this,” he claimed.
Wednesday, Coast civil society organizations reference group rejected the revenue allocation formula terming it a deliberate attempt to cut revenue in the region.
According to the CSOs should the formula be adopted Coast Counties risk losing over sh4 billion.

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