October 6, 2022

Gender Based Cases on the Rise Amid COVID-19 Restrictions

Gender based violence cases on the rise in Kwale county amid corona restrictions. Image: (courtesy)


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The directives by the public health to combat the spread of covid_19 has made Kwale county to record  an alarming cases of gender based violence 

Plan International program manager Harriet Osimbo said since the order of minimizing movements so as to counter the same was issued  more than a month ago 4  cases of incest involving children have been reported in the region.

Speaking at Kwale Afya house while donating medical supplies and sanitary items worth shilings 1.2 Million to Kwale county government to assist on the fight against covid_19 ,Osimbo said the youngest girl who was defiled by a family member is two and half years old while a  14 year old  girl was raped deflowered by own her father. 

Osimbo noted that a manhunt by the police for the father who  took to his heels immediately after committing the offence has already been launched.

She urged parents to take good care of their children to ensure their rights are protected especially during this trying moments of covid_19 pandemic. 

“Parents should be vigilant of their minors, we do not want to fall to other pandemic after Corona ,we should know who are our keepers of our kids at alll the times ,children should be safe ,” Said Mrs.Osimbo.

At the same time the program manager cautioned parents against solving gender based violence cases in kangaroo courts. 

“To end this habits in our society, parents of the victims should desist from solving such cases at the chiefs’ offices and village elders who are fond of setting up kangaroo courts which are normally a dentist of corruption.” Advised the manager.

Harriet Osimbo, Plan International programs manager. Image: (Courtesy)

Mrs.Osimbo warned men against defiling their own children that the act is against child rights insisting that such people must face the full force of the law.

Despite the medical donations, plan international has put measures in place to see that girls from poor background get dignity packs during this trying moments, a program that iwill run or 6months.

Kwale County health Cec Francis Gwama who recieved the donations revealed that plans are underway to ensure mass testing exercise is conducted .

“We have received 500 testing kits but we want to start the exercise with hoteliers so that once they meet the government requirements , they could now reopen  their businesses so as to boost  our  economy that is now wanting” ,Said  Gwama.

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