June 19, 2024

World Animal Protection Warns Against Killing Lions

A Lion at hovering around Amboseli National Pak (Photo / Courtesy)

By The COAST Reporter

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World Animal Protection (WAP) is concerned over the recent killing of six lions at the Amboseli National Park.

The incident came about when villagers of Nashipa of Kajiado Subcounty alleged the lions’ breakin of their village prompting the action.

This comes in the wake of another four lions killed just a few days earlier bring the total of killed lions to 10, thus threatening the Amboseli ecosystem.

It is understandable the losses incurred by the community but their reaction was a cruel act against the wildcats.

WAP appealed to the communities bordering the national park to demonstrate compassion and consideration towards wildlife.

They urged them to refrain from invading wildlife territories and taking action without involving the Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS).

“You must understand depletion of natural food chain within the ecosystem may cause some wild animals to prey elsewhere in the neighbourhood,” WAP says.

According to them the distressing incident serves as a warning to the dangers of human and wildlife conflict unless there’s a guaranteed peaceful coexistence.

To avert such tragedies happening in the future, WAP calls on the authorities tasked with the protection of wild animals to be proactive is safeguarding them.

WAP is committed in advocating for the welfare and protection of wildlife globally.

“We stand ready to collaborate with local communities, government authorities and relevant stakeholders to promote sustainable practices that protect wildlife and their ecosystems.”

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