June 16, 2024

Clerics Appeal to Leaders to Work Together for A Common Goal

A section of the religious leaders in Kwale county after addressing the media on Monday. Image: KAHONZI KALIWA


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Continued fighting between the executive and the county assembly might cause division among the resident of Kwale County, religious leaders have said.

The clerics have appealed to the warring factions to look for an amicable solution to the sh160 million asked by governor Salim Mvurya’s so as to buy food for the locals who are staring at starvation on the face.

Association of Christian Religious leaders Kinango sub county chairman Mwanduka Wamunyalu on Monday condemned the act by the assembly’s plan to impeach Mvurya together with his deputy Fatuma Achani over the relief budget.

” We don’t understand why the members of the county assembly (MCAs) are summoning the  governor  for proposing a budget to buy relief for the 67 percent of Kwale residents who are at risk of starving during this hard times of covid_19 pandemic.” ,Said Wamunyalu

He wondered why the MCAs directed the proposed budget to health department to purchase equipment instead of buying relief food for the hungry as suggested by the executive. 

“We needed relief food but our MCAs denied saying that Kwale residents are in need of good health services in the covid_19 unit. Why are they threatening to impeach  Mvurya who is now appealing to well-wishers to donate food to the starving families ,”  posed he.

His sentiments were echoed by Council of Imams and Preachers of Kenya secretary Kinango branch sheikh Faraji Abubakar Omar saying that there is need for leaders to cooperate and deliver constitutional rights to the residents.

“There is need for unity among our leaders; this county is facing so many challenges that need joint effort to handle.”

“Both leadership of the executive and legislature ought to sit down and agree on the wayfordward which should be in the best interest of the Kwale people.” advised Omar.

Members of the Kwale county legislature. Image; KAHONZI KALIWA

On his part Pastor Moses Omukuba Karani of Ndavaya pastors fellowship urged Kwale residents to maintain peace and unity during this moments where political differences are experienced among our leaders.

“Let us be calm and pray for unity amongst our leaders, let their differences bring not division to our communities. Time to stretch political muscles is not yet and we should therefore pray for them to come an agreement.”, “Said  Karani.

The clerics sentiments come a day after residents from different wards in the county protested against the county assembly plans to summon Mvurya over mis management of public funds.

Led by Dzifitse Mwamutsumi from Mazumalume village, Tsimba/ golini ward ,Matuga sub_county threatened to close the assembly if the legislators will not drop the idea of summoning governor come Tuesday this week. 

Mwamutsumi observed that sabotage on the part of the assembly shall not be condoned especially this time of the he Corona pandemic whereby many residents lost their jobs.

The dispute between the two arms arose after the county assembly approved the supplementary budget of shilings 160 million but should use in the health department Kwale water sewarage company. 

Kwale county Governor Salim Mvurya at a past function Image; KAHONZI KALIWA

The same finances according to the house should not be used for buying of relief food to 67 percent of residents who the executive claim is at the verge of dying of hunger.

The county assembly boss Sammy Ruwa said according to the investigations done by the special covid_19 committee in the house indicated that lack of equipment in sub county hospitals to treat covid_19 is the major challenge facing Kwale residents and not relief food. 

“Shillings 130 million is allocated to the health sector to purchase health equipment including 10 ventilators at a cost of sh80M for Msambweni referral hospital, shillings 2,700 ,000 for covid beds and shillings 9,400,000 for the  purchase of Personal protective Equipment (ppes).”

“A further shilings 6million would cater for  medical drugs to treat covid_19 patients, 8millions to purchase diagnostic materials , 7 million to boost msambweni referral hospital oxygen plant and 14 ,900,000 for the purchase of 2 ventilators for kinango and kwale hospitals ,while shilings 2Million is set for covid_19 community sensitisation program ,” explained the speaker. 

Ruwa advised that in combating the spreading of this serious disease, people should embrace the public health directives and clean water is highly required. 

“The law maker added that shillings 20 millions  has been given as a grant to support Kwale water and sewarage company so as to ensure the services are not interfere during this trying moments.

shillings 5million would used in water projects in the community as well as shillings 5millions set for emergency kit.

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