June 19, 2024

Government Set to Settle Displaced Dongo Kundu Residents

Chief of staff and head of civil service Felix Koskei (Photo By The COAST Cameraman)

By The COAST Reporter

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Displaced residents of Dongo Kundu in Mombasa will ‘soon’ receive their compensation for paving way for the construction of the Special Economic Zone.

This was announced during a one day inspection tour conducted by the chief of staff and head of civil service Felix Koskei on July 6, 2023.

According to him plans are at advanced stage to compensate all those who lost land and property at Dongo Kundu area.

He assured those affected the government and the National Lands Commission (NLC) have set aside funds for compensation and title deeds.

“Survey has been done and title deeds have been printed and everybody who deserves and has been cleared to have been genuinely affected by the project will be fully compensated.”

He added that the Dongo Kundu SEZ has been identified by the government and has been mapped out as DK1 (path 1) which was going to be financed by Japan.

“We are going to have up to seven paths that are going to be constructed in this zone.”

On the Taifa Gas allocated site, he said that the investor has already taken over the land and it was currently under the civil engineering construction company to start the project.

Apart from the compensation being processed, the affected people will be given alternative land to settle down as they await for the title deeds.

“This is a government initiative to ensure that the Special Economic Zone is developed to attract more investors, create jobs and also manufacture our goods that will save the foreign exchange.”

According to him many companies and investors have shown interest in pursuing more projects in the SEZ other than Taifa Gas.

He said, however, that the only delay hindering more investors from starting their projects is that the government’s assurance the affected persons affected were moved so that the development of basic infrastructures, roads, water, and electricity were provided before investors came in.

The head of civil service refuted the claims that people are being favored on the land allocation issue in the Dongo Kundu SEZ.

“Compensation will be done openly with integrity, transparency and accountability.”

While addressing the Kenya Ports Authority workers, he told them the government would not tolerant its employees engaging in corruption deals at any level.

He warned against the tendency to ask for ‘kitu kidogo from customers in exchange for favourable services that they are obligated to do to the citizenry.

He said corruption was a very serious vice that was putting the leaders and the country on the world map for all wrong reasons saying it was bring nothing but embarrassment.

The head urged the authority staff to be part of the team that fights corruption by reporting others who continue with corrupt deals.

This, he stessed, would foster efficiency and increase revenue collection which in the long run will benefit the staff by salary increments and promotions.

“The government has deployed manpower to fight corruption and it would only be a case to answer personally to whoever will be caught.”

Moreover, the Head of Public Service reminded the workers that the government will protect every individual who does the right thing.

“No one should convince you that they have received a call from above, when one is caught with corrupt dealings they will deal with the authorities alone.”

“As the head of the public service, I will work closely with you as I make sure the public service is honored and developed consciously.”

Finally, he said it was worth noting that things have been moving efficiently at the port.

“I have been briefed on the technical side, on the administration side, and the operational side, and things are looking up.”

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