December 7, 2022

Makadara Ground Gets a Face lift

The new face of Makadara Ground dome. Image: PETER KOMBE


Old Town residents have kick-started a program of restoring discipline and sanity in the Old Makadara Ground.
The program seeks to find a lasting solution to the myriad of challenges associated with some of the street families living in the area.
The community cites drug and substance abuse, prostitution, crime surge among other vices.
Speaking to the media in Mombasa on Thursday Dr Jalal Ashraf said the ground was initially a beautiful scene but has currently turned out to be a crime and drug den.
He lauded efforts by old town community youths in restoring the lost glory of the area.
“We want to maintain discipline in this area by eliminating all the criminal activities in this popular place.” he said.
Dr. Ashraf says the community in partnership with county, national governments and the civil society will soon erect a wall as a way of securing the area.
Meanwhile, Alamin Ahmed the chairperson of the project says the community seeks to uplift the standard of the area and weed out criminals.
According to him, parents are to blame following the surge in crime rate in the area.

Some of the Old Town Community leaders at Makadara Grounds. Image: PETER KOMBE

“Our aim is to clean the area by ensuring that there is adequate security.  This will boost the economy of Old Town,” said Alamin.
He notes that the community aims at creating proper infrastructure where children will have fun.
At the same time Hamis Baghazal a former FIFA Referee veterans youth coach urged donors and well-wishers to come on board and help renovate the area.
According to Baghazal some of the families have turned the area into a habitat.
Baghazal said “Makadara ground has a long history dating back before independence. It is however unfortunate to find that some have taken advantage of the place and turned it into a crime hub.”

Members of Old Town Community pose for a group photo after conducting a clean up exercise. Image: PETER KOMBE

Most of the Islamic festivals including maulid and recitation of the Holy Quran take place here.
The place also attracts thousands of families during IDD festivals.

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